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Stories of interest to businesses and residents are shared in the Business and Development Newsletter, which is emailed monthly to subscribers. Sign up to receive your monthly edition here

Stories of interest to businesses and residents are shared in the Business and Development Newsletter, which is emailed monthly to subscribers. Sign up to receive your monthly edition here


Wealth of Information Offered by City GIS Online Maps

The term Geographic Information Systems may sound complicated to many people, like a mixture geography and information technology classes hazily recalled from long-ago college days.

While the practice and implementation does require knowledge and skill from both sciences, using the end product boils down to simply viewing useful information displayed by online maps.


Summer Program Provides Career Insight to Local Students

Summer Civic Career Program Students

High school students today often don’t have professional experience to draw from when looking forward to college and choosing a career path. The City of Rocklin, in partnership with the Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD) and the Rocklin Educational Excellence Foundation (REEF), facilitates the Summer Civic Career Program each year to provide approximately 10 students a two-week crash course in working for local government.


Fire Prevention Always a Priority

The summer season begins this month and the City of Rocklin wants to remind everyone that a proactive approach to fire prevention is important to keeping the community safe.

The Rocklin Fire Department Community Risk Reduction Division works daily with residents, contractors, and commercial property owners to provide guidance, approve plans, inspect projects, and ensure a fire-safe environment for patrons and employees of businesses.

Rocklin Spraygrounds open May 14 - Oct 15

Water Spraygrounds

There’s nothing better to beat the heat than to play in the spray!

Water spraygrounds are located at Kathy Lund Park (6101 West Oaks Blvd.) and Whitney Park (1801 Whitney Ranch Pkwy.). They will open May 14 through Oct. 15 from 10am to 7:30pm, 7 days a week.

For more information, contact:
Parks & Recreation


Rocklin honors local organizations with Business Legacy Awards

The City of Rocklin honored the Ruhkala Granite and Marble Company, Inc. and Sierra College with 125th Anniversary Business Legacy Awards on January 18.

The Business Legacy Awards were created as part of Rocklin’s year-long 125th anniversary celebration and honor local organizations that have made significant contributions to the success of the City’s economy in the past and present, as well as affecting the future.


Rocklin City Council Approves Adventure Park Concept

The Rocklin City Council unanimously approved an agreement Tuesday night that could lead to the construction of an adventure park in the heart of Old Town Rocklin at the City’s Quarry Park.

Rocklin Adventures, which the concept is currently being called, would utilize the historic Big Gun Quarry and surrounding property to create an adventure park featuring zip lining, rock climbing, ropes courses and other outdoor activities.


Jill Gayaldo Appointed to Rocklin City Council

The Rocklin City Council has appointed Jill Gayaldo to fill a vacant seat on City Council with a term running through December 2018.

During a special meeting on January 5, the City Council interviewed 13 candidates who applied to fill the open seat. The interview process, including Council discussion and deliberation, was open to the public.


New Website Helps Rocklin Connect with Community

The City of Rocklin strives to provide the best public services possible for residents and communication is always an important factor in determining success.

Connecting with neighborhoods, the business community, and individual citizens facilitates the formation of partnerships and promotes the ability to address concerns before problems arise.


Sierra College, Hacker Lab,  SME Sacramento to Offer Manufacturing Advice

Interested in product design review? Need to make a prototype using 3-D printing? Looking for a local manufacturer for your product? You’re in luck. 

Sierra College Center for Applied Competitive Technologies and Hacker Lab have partnered with SME Sacramento to offer design for manufacturing advice along with access and introductions to local manufacturing resources. The office hours will be staffed by volunteers from the local SME chapter with experience in mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, and product life cycle development. 


Small Business Resources to Comply with the ADA

The California Pollution Control Financing Authority recently announced a new CalCAP Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Financing Program. The program will assist businesses with 15 or fewer full-time equivalent employees to finance physical alterations or retrofits to their small business facilities of less than 10,000 square feet for compliance with the federal ADA. 
For additional information, please visit the CalCAP/ADA Financing Program website or contact Bianca Smith, the Program Manager, at (916) 653-5408.


Highway 65 Interchange Improvement Fee Changes 

The Highway 65 Interchange Improvement Fee charged to all new building construction in Rocklin will undergo an adjustment effective July 1, 2016.
A study was conducted over the past year to update traffic pattern information and how the interchanges affect the six designated fee areas. This will cause fees for some areas of Rocklin to decline, while others will increase. The annual adjustments are usually simply tied to inflation. The new costs are indicated on Rocklin’s website at (still need link).