Weed Control


Weed Control & Grazing

What Is Weed Control/Abatement?

In the City of Rocklin, all vacant parcels shall be abated (weeds cut down, trash removed, and/or firebreaks created to limit any potential fire hazard and allow access for fire fighting operations) on a year-round basis per the City’s Standards for Maintenance of Vacant Parcels. In April of each year, the owners of vacant parcels are notified, by letter, of their responsibility to abate their property. In May, a second reminder letter is sent via certified mail. 

What happens if weeds are not taken care of?

By the end of May, all vacant parcels that do not comply with the Standards for Maintenance of Vacant Parcels are declared a nuisance by the City Council. These parcels will be abated by the weed control contractor hired by the City to perform the necessary weed abatement. When the contractor invoices the City for the abatement work, the City, in turn, invoices the property owner for the contractor’s fees plus a per-parcel administrative charge. If the property owner does not pay these fees, the City places a lien on the property until the fees are collected.


Managed grazing is a “green” approach to vegetation control. Managed grazing may not be appropriate for every situation, but when done properly, it is an effective, eco-friendly alternative to consider. Information on the City’s regulations, permit conditions, application, and checklists is listed below. 

Questions about grazing:

Visit Public Services page to learn more about the benefits of managed grazing.

Visit the Rocklin Fire Department to learn more about the Weed Abatement and Open Space Management Grazing Program and Grazing Permit.