City Manager


City Manager

The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and is responsible for implementing and carrying out the policies of the Council. As the chief executive officer of the City, the City Manager supervises operations, directs departments and services, and enforces the laws and policies as adopted by the City Council.

The City Manager’s Office coordinates:

  • Administration
  • Economic Development
  • Housing
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Public Affairs

The office of the City Manager is the primary contact for providing current information to the public, the media, and City employees.


Economic Development

Economic Development implements, coordinates and monitors policies and programs to improve the City’s business climate.

This office works to keep Rocklin prosperous by acting on two overarching approaches to economic vitalization: strengthening what the City already has and pursuing what the City needs to achieve a strong, diversified local economy.


City Strategic Plan
2023-2025 Strategic Planning Framework

Thank you for your interest in the City of Rocklin’s Strategic Plan.

The City Council recently reviewed and established priorities for the next two years at the March 22, 20223 Council Retreat. A Council priority is defined as a topic that will receive significant attention and budget consideration during the year. Typically, priorities have one to three-year time limit, although some may continue beyond that time.


Feedback to the City Manager

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City Publications

The page contains links to documents outlining Rocklin’s strategies for the sustainability and growth of the city. They including the annual Strategic Plan, Rocklin’s Economic Development Strategy, the Long Range Property Management Plan, and more. 


Housing Services

The Housing Division is part of the City Manager’s Office. The division is responsible for administration, monitoring, and implementations of the City’s federal, state, and local housing and community development funds.

The Housing Division, in conjunction with the Planning Division, are responsible for implementing the Housing Element of the City’s General Plan.