City Manager


City Manager

The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and is responsible for implementing and carrying out the policies of the Council. As the chief executive officer of the City, the City Manager supervises operations, directs departments and services, and enforces the laws and policies as adopted by the City Council.

The City Manager’s Office coordinates:

  • Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Public Affairs and City Commerce

The office of the City Manager is the primary contact for providing current information to the public, the media, and City employees.


Economic Development

Economic Development coordinates, monitors, and implements all activities associated with economic development.

This office works to keep Rocklin livable, by acting on two overarching approaches to economic vitalization – strengthening what we already have and pursuing what we need to achieve a strong, diversified local economy.


City Strategic Plan

Rocklin Strategic Plan Update - August 2019

Thank you for your interest in the City of Rocklin’s Strategic Plan.

City leadership is dedicated to providing Rocklin residents with an exceptional quality of life, while maintaining our small-town sense of community. As the chief executive officer of the City, I supervise operations, direct departments and services, and enforce the laws and policies as adopted by the City Council. To help us prudently manage resources and serve the people of Rocklin, the City Council and staff recently updated the City’s strategic plan that guides department operations and projects.

We invite you to review our latest strategic plan, which focuses on five headline goals:

  1. Maintain and Enhance Rocklin’s Physical Environment – The City’s physical infrastructure meets best-practice standards and represents prudent fiscal management.
  2. Ensure a Safe and Secure Community – Rocklin is a safe and secure community in which to live, recreate, raise a family and operate a business.
  3. Promote Economic Vitality and a Sustainable Community - A strong economy and sustainable community depends on creating opportunities for business to thrive, strong residential and revenue-generating land use policy,  and attention to Rocklin overall quality of life.
  4. Enhance Community and Employee Engagement - Engaging those who live, work and visit Rocklin is a vital aspect of accomplishing City goals related to the physical environment, safety, economic vitality, and quality of life.

Our strategic plan is a “living document” with action plans for each department. It serves as our guide and will be reviewed on a regular basis with City Council. We invite you to stay up to date by engaging in City communications to receive updates, and to attend or review our City Council meetings. More information about City meetings can be found at:


Feedback to the City Manager

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State of the City Address

The Rocklin Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual State of the City was held Friday, May 10, at Sierra College.

A copy of the presentation and links to the videos can be found below.

Rocklin State of the City Presentation Slides - 2019

State of the City 2019 – Public Safety Partnerships

State of the City 2019 – Parks and Rec Partnerships

State of the City 2019 – Historical Society

State of the City 2019 – Summer Civic Career Program