Lot Line Adjustment Permit



The process for Lot Line Adjustment approvals requires both review by the Planning and Engineering divisions.

What You Need to Submit

• Lot Line Adjustment Application
• Signed Agent Authorization form
• 2 copies of the title report for each affected property
• 3 copies of the map depicting the proposed boundary adjustment
• 2 copies of a separate map drawn to scale and show all existing structures, easements, landscaping, including trees and any other improvements and their location in relation to all of the property lines. 
• For properties with differing ownership: 2 copies of the transfer description of property to be transferred only. 
• 2 copies of the closure calculations with precision of closure
• Any offers of dedication.
• Street improvement plans or deferral agreements, if applicable
• 1 copy of the completed Preliminary Change of Ownership Report (to be submitted prior to recordation)

The Lot Line Adjustment Application has more information on submittal requirements.

Contact the Planning Division at (916) 625-5160 or by email at Access Rocklin.