Pioneer Community Energy to Provide Lower Cost Power
Placer County and its communities team up for lower costs and local authority


Pioneer Community Energy logo

The County of Placer and the cities of Rocklin, Auburn, Colfax, Lincoln, and the Town of Loomis have partnered to create Pioneer Community Energy, which will begin providing energy to those jurisdictions in February, 2018.

Pioneer is governed by a board of locally elected officials who have established the goal of providing electricity at rates lower than PG&E. On Dec. 11, the Pioneer Board held a public hearing and approved an electric generation rate package that drops rates by 3% below current PG&E electric generation rates.

“Instead of being beholden to a statewide entity subject to the whims of its stockholders, the Pioneer Board establishes local control over electricity rates and will be able to design programs that meet the needs of the residents and businesses in Placer County.” said Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery, Chair of the Pioneer Community Energy Governing Board. “With local control, we can provide lower and more stable rates and do more to meet the local goals and priorities of our communities.”

Enrollment will be automatic and begin in February, 2018. No action is required of electricity customers, who will still receive their bill through PG&E and should contact PG&E for customer service.

Pioneer will be added to the PG&E utility bill, and PG&E’s higher electricity generation rates will be removed from the bill for Pioneer customers. PG&E’s charges for transmission and delivery will remain on the bill. All payments will continue to be sent to PG&E. PG&E will continue to transmit and deliver the electricity, which will be provided by Pioneer, and they will continue to maintain the power lines and poles, and respond to all service needs, such as power outages. Customers will continue to contact PG&E in the event of a service outage.

All residents and businesses in the service territory will have the choice to continue receiving the benefits of Pioneer Community Energy, or to remain with PG&E. 

Please contact Pioneer Community Energy at 1-844-YES-4PIONEER (1-844-937-7466) or email if you have questions or if you would like to continue receiving electricity from PG&E.