Community Development


Community Development Department

The Community Development Department is responsible for overseeing the responsible and sustainable growth of the City while ensuring safety and quality of life.  All related permits, entitlements, and site development projects are processed through the Permit Center and reviewed by the Building, Planning, and Engineering Divisions, as applicable.



The Permit Center is the primary point of contact for development related inquiries and project submittals.  Staff can provide or facilitate answers to most questions, schedule inspections, and issue required permits.


Building Services

The Building Division is responsible for plan reviews, inspections, building reports and statistics, and updating fee schedules.

Over-the-Counter Plan Check Permit Hours*

8 a.m. – 8:45 a.m., Monday through Friday

*Over-the-counter permits are simple permits such as small residential kitchen and bathroom remodels, commercial reroofs, etc. Information for permits must be complete to process over-the-counter.



The Planning Division provides a variety of services including:

  • Implementation and monitoring of the City’s growth and development policies
  • Processing development entitlement applications
  • Making recommendations and providing professional guidance to the City Council and Planning Commission at public hearings
  • Updating and maintaining the City’s long range planning documents
  • Processing administrative permits such as special events, oak tree removal permits, administrative variances, sign permits, and home business permits

Engineering Services

The Engineering Division provides a host of technical services essential to the community development process including reviewing and approving project improvement plans, final maps, and administering City development standards.


Code Enforcement

The City of Rocklin Municipal Code was established to help maintain a standard in the community for all to enjoy, and is enforced by Rocklin’s Code Compliance Officer.

The Code Enforcement Program is a citizen-based program that inspects and investigates complaints from citizens of the City of Rocklin. Upon receipt of a complaint, a Code Enforcement Officer will conduct a site visit to investigate the reported violation. After confirmation of the violation, the Code Enforcement Officer will take necessary steps to gain compliance with City Codes.


Housing Services

The Housing Division is part of the City Manager’s Office. The division is responsible for administration, monitoring, and implementations of the City’s federal, state, and local housing and community development funds.

The Housing Division, in conjunction with the Planning Division, are responsible for implementing the Housing Element of the City’s General Plan.