Alarm Permit


Alarm Permit

Chapter 9.44 of the Rocklin Municipal Code regulates business and residential alarm code requirements. False alarms can cost the City of Rocklin and its citizens thousands of dollars per year and takes officers away from actual emergencies. The ordinance defines a registration process, provides for annual alarm permit fees for residential and business alarms, and provides for fees for false alarms to encourage all alarm users to maintain the reliability of and to properly use their alarm equipment.

Alarm Permits - Online

Why do we need an Alarm Ordinance?
In years 2013-2015, officers responded to an average of 1749 alarm calls annually, with two officers being dispatched to each location.  98% of those calls are false alarms.  One can easily understand the amount of time that officers are taken away from other patrol and community service duties. The false alarm program helps us in being available for emergency calls and being timely in responding to routine calls for service.

Who needs to get an Alarm Permit?
Any person or business which activates, operates, or maintains an alarm system upon any premises in the City of Rocklin. The Ordinance does not require that your alarm is monitored, simply that you have one and it is operational and in use, even if intermittently. If you NEVER use your alarm system that is installed in your residence or business, you do not need an Alarm Permit.

What if I rent a house/townhouse or lease a business location where there is an alarm?
The Alarm Ordinance requires the person who “operates” the alarm system to obtain the permit. The renter of a house or townhome and the business leasing the space would be responsible for obtaining the Alarm Permit, not the owner of the house or business location.

When did the Ordinance go into effect?
The ordinance became law on April 11, 2008. Effective on that date, a resident or business was required to have an Alarm Permit before an alarm is installed and activated. The Alarm Company can also be in violation of the Ordinance if they activate the alarm without insuring the resident has obtained a permit.

Is there a grace period if I have an alarm already?
Mail it in or register it ASAP.

How do I get a permit and how much does it cost?
There are several convenient ways to obtain a permit.   Online at the PD webpage.   This link will take you to a user friendly interface where you can enter all of your information and pay by credit card. The cost of an Alarm Permit is $25 for the first two years and $15 for each two year renewal.

What if I do not get a permit?
If you operate an Alarm without a permit, you can be fined $100 in addition to any excessive alarm penalties.

Can I transfer a permit to a new owner or business?
Alarm Permits may not be transferred to another person or alarm site.  Permits are valid only for the permittee and address listed on the permit.

Are there different types of Alarm classifications?
For the purposes of imposing civil penalties, alarm calls for service are classified in two ways by the Ordinance. The first classification is a General alarm, which would be the usual burglar alarm at a residence or business. The second classification is a Holdup or Duress alarm, which would be a manually activated alarm at a residence (panic alarm) or at a bank (robbery alarm).

How do the Civil Penalties work?
Each residence or business is given three free false alarm responses in a rolling 12 month period, which begins when they obtain their Alarm Permit. For more than three false alarms during a rolling 12 month period, the fee is $468 per false alarm.

Does the Ordinance limit my Alarm sound?
The Alarm Ordinance makes it unlawful to install or use an alarm system which upon activation emits a sound similar to sirens in use on public emergency vehicles or for public disaster warning purposes.

Do I need a time limit for my audible alarm?
The Alarm Ordinance requires that all local exterior bell, gongs, noisemaking devices or pulsating lights shall have a timing device that will silence or turn off such devices or lights within fifteen (15) minutes following initial activation.

Are there any other features that I can use with my online account?
Once you obtain an Alarm Permit through the link on the City of Rocklin website, you can track incidents, payments, and manage your responsible contacts from your computer. The website feature also allows for a real-time update to our computer system at the Police Department.

Can my permit be suspended?
Unless there is a separate indication that there is a crime in progress, the Chief of Police may reduce the priority or refuse police response to an alarm site after the denial, suspension or revocation of an alarm permit.

The following shall constitute grounds for denial, suspension and/or revocation of the alarm permit:

A. Failure to pay fines and/or charges imposed as a result of excessive false alarms at any alarm site; or

B. Failure to comply with standards or regulations adopted pursuant to this chapter; or

C. Where the applicant, permittee, or the employee or agent of the applicant or permittee has knowingly made any false, misleading, or fraudulent statement of a material fact in the application for a permit or in any report or record required to be filed with any city agency.

Where can I see a copy of the Ordinance?
The Alarm Ordinance is # 928 and can be viewed in Chapter 9.44 of the City of Rocklin Municipal Code.

Is there a telephone number I can call for more information?
If you have questions call 855-905-0608. This number is dedicated to the City of Rocklin’s Alarm Ordinance and they will answer your questions related to penalties, the Ordinance, and Permit fees.