Home Business Permit



Home business permits are required for all businesses that are proposed to be located in a home, including apartments. A permit is required even if the majority of the work is done away from the home, so long as the address, legal location, and physical location of the business is your residence.

To obtain a Home Business Permit to operate a business in a residentially zoned area, follow these steps:

  • Complete a Home Occupation Permit Application and bring it to the Planning Division
  • If you do not own your residence, you must provide a letter from your landlord or property manager giving you permission to operate a business out of the residence. 
  • Pay a one-time processing fee.

Once approved, a home business permit remains valid for as long as you stay in business, do not violate the home business regulations, and remain at that address. In the event that you move to a different residence within the city limits of Rocklin, the home business permit may be reassigned to the new address for an additional fee. 

In addition to the Home Business Permit required by the Planning Division, a City of Rocklin Business License is required which must be obtained prior to opening your business. You can apply online or in person. For more information about Rocklin Business Licenses, click here.

A massage therapy business also requires a Massage Permit. Please contact the Rocklin Police Department for more information.

For more information on Home Business Permits or the zoning code contact the Planning Division at (916) 625-5160 or contact the Community Development Department via the web at Access Rocklin.