Highway 65 Interchange Improvement Fee Changes 


The Highway 65 Interchange Improvement Fee charged to all new building construction in Rocklin will undergo an adjustment effective July 1, 2016.
A study was conducted over the past year to update traffic pattern information and how the interchanges affect the six designated fee areas. This will cause fees for some areas of Rocklin to decline, while others will increase. The annual adjustments are usually simply tied to inflation. The new costs are indicated on Rocklin’s website at (still need link).
The Interchange Improvement Fees were created in 1992 to finance four Highway 65 interchanges and reduce the impact of increased traffic created by new development in the city limits of Roseville, Rocklin and affected areas of Placer County.  The interchanges are located at Stanford Ranch Road/Galleria Boulevard, Pleasant Grove Boulevard, Blue Oaks Boulevard, and Sunset Boulevard.
Prior to 1990, interchanges on state and federal roadways in California were funded and constructed by Caltrans. Funding changes shifted that responsibility to local agencies and created uncertainty, prompting the creation of the “Bizz Johnson” Highway Interchange Joint Powers Authority and establishment of a reliable interchange funding source.
Because these fees are subject to change, builders should contact the City’s Building Division early in the planning process at (916) 625-5120 to find what fee has been established for the particular use and location of a project.