Massage Permit


Massage Permit

The Rocklin Police Records Unit and other City of Rocklin departments issue permits and licenses for a variety of special uses, functions, and events. Some licenses and permits are also issued by local county and state offices.

Please note that a change of ownership is considered a new application.

Application Process

To complete an application for a Massage Permit or a Massage Permit Renewal, you must complete all steps listed below:

  1. Fill out a Massage Permit Application form, including the City of Rocklin Live Scan Form
  2. Photograph or scan all items listed in the Massage Permit Application checklist (page 1)
  3. Start an application through our online eTRAKiT portal
  4. Upload the form and attachments to the portal
  5. Complete all remaining steps on the portal

The guide below provides instructions on how to use the eTRAKiT portal:

Fee Breakdown

$771 Permit fee (or $384 Renewal fee)
$20.00 Fingerprint fee
$32.00 Dept. of Justice fee