Rocklin City Council Approves Adventure Park Concept


The Rocklin City Council unanimously approved an agreement Tuesday night that could lead to the construction of an adventure park in the heart of Old Town Rocklin at the City’s Quarry Park.

Rocklin Adventures, which the concept is currently being called, would utilize the historic Big Gun Quarry and surrounding property to create an adventure park featuring zip lining, rock climbing, ropes courses and other outdoor activities.

The master agreement contracts Legacy Family Adventures (LFA) to design 30 percent of the adventure park, enabling the City to more thoroughly evaluate park elements and to request proposals from design/build contractors. If built, LFA would operate the park with a revenue sharing agreement with the City.

“The adventure park concept has the potential to provide a great source of healthy entertainment for Rocklin residents and to attract visitors from across the region,” City Manager Rick Horst said. “It could also be a catalyst for commerce and development in the Quarry District, bringing revenue to local businesses and growing the tax base to sustain the high quality of life residents deserve.”

The initial phase of the agreement with LFA includes a fixed fee of $65,000 to complete 30 percent of design. The total cost of project construction is estimated at $3.25 million, which would be paid back to the city, with interest, during the operational phase of the agreement.

Rocklin Adventures would be the second phase of Quarry Park development, which began with a successful first summer concert series in 2016 at the new Platinum Living Amphitheater. The City also plans to replace the aging Fire Station 1 adjacent to Quarry Park and repurpose the building to better coincide with park activities and commerce in the area.

In all Quarry Park development, special attention will be paid to the historical significance of the area. Architecture, antique fixtures, and other design aspects will be incorporated honoring what was once a center of the bustling early California granite industry, where stone was processed to help build the California State Capital Building.

For more information on the adventure park master agreement, visit Rocklin’s website at For more information on LFA, visit or