Records Unit



The Rocklin Police Department Records Unit provides a variety of services and information to the community. The unit has full-time and part-time employee, as well as several Police Volunteers. 

What does the Records Unit do?

The Records Unit assists citizens in many areas. Citizens can contact the  Records Unit when they need assistance with the following services:

 Fingerprinting • Permits & Licenses •
Police, Accident, In-Custody Reports & Victim Rights

  • Coordination for making a crime report
  • Coordination for speaking with a police officer at the front counter
  • General information, directions or special assistance
  • Copies of police reports and traffic accident reports to residents, insurance companies, attorneys, other law enforcement agencies, etc.
  • Fingerprinting (for certification/licensing purposes)
  • Records checks for the Department of Defense, law enforcement agencies, military recruiters, etc.
  • City permit and license applications
  • Coordinates with the Investigations Unit for registering convicted criminals for sex and arson offenses (call the Investigations Unit at (916)625-5571 to schedule an appointment).
  • Coordination for One-Day Liquor Licenses for special events through the California State Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
  • Vehicle equipment citation “sign-offs” (correctable violations such as tail lights out, expired registration, tinted windows, etc.)
  • Process release for vehicle repossessions (we collect fees and issue receipts for the release of repossessed vehicles)
  • Vehicle Tow/Impound releases (we collect fees and issue receipts for the release of the vehicles)