Encroachment Permit


An encroachment permit is necessary when anyone (including utility companies, residents and contractors) works in the city right-of-way, city-owned land, and/or within a city easement. 

A few examples include:

  • Installing under-sidewalk drains
  • Crossing a sidewalk or landscaped area to a construction area
  • Installing new utility/drain in the right-of-way
  • Parking a dumpster in the street 


Please review the Encroachment Permit Requirements List for the updated fee schedule

General Information

The encroachment permit consists of three sections: the application, general and specific conditions, and special conditions set by the Inspector.

If you plan any type of excavation, you must call Underground Service Alert (USA) at 1.800.227.2600 no sooner than fourteen days, and no later than two days, prior to commencing excavation activities. Anyone performing work in the public right of way must call, not just professionals.

The proposed excavation site must be outlined with white paint or stakes. Visit www.usanorth.org for marking guidelines and regulatory authority.

If damage to underground utilities results from your excavation activities, you can be fined and you are responsible for the cost of repairing the damaged utility. Remember, underground utilities include natural gas, electric lines, fiber optic, sewer, water, and storm drains to name a few.

What You Need To Get a Permit

To obtain an encroachment permit, the applicant must submit:

  • A completed application form.
  • The permit fee (see permit requirements list).
  • Two copies of plans showing the work to be done.
  • Approved insurance forms.
  • Two copies of traffic/pedestrian control plans if working on city roadways.
  • Payment of bonds (if required).

Insurance Requirements

Public liability and automobile liability insurance with the following minimum limits are required per Section 12.04.060 of the City of Rocklin Municipal Code:

  • $100,000 Bodily Injury
  • $300,000 Each Accident
  • $20,000 Property Damage

Your insurance carrier should submit your insurance information on the forms prepared by the City Attorney’s office. If other forms are used, they must be reviewed and approved by the City’s Risk Management office, which can delay processing. The insurance forms are included in the application packet. A faxed copy of the insurance certificate will be accepted to issue the permit, on the condition that the original follows in the mail. The copies can be faxed to (916) 625-5501.

Permit Duration

The encroachment permit is valid until the approved date of completion for the work being performed, or upon expiration of insurance coverage, whichever occurs first. Extensions must be requested before the permit expires. To extend a permit that has expired due to the expiration of the insurance coverage, a new insurance certificate must be submitted showing insurance coverage through the extended date of the encroachment permit. Annual permits can be issued to utility companies for emergency repairs.