Residential Street Closure Permit


The Rocklin Municipal Code (RMC 12.24) regulates the closing of any street within the City of Rocklin for the purpose of holding a celebration such as a block party, therefore a temporary Residential Street Closure Permit is required.

The permit authorizes closing a street, it does not authorize any activity otherwise prohibited by law. The Police Department will take appropriate action in the event of any disturbance, and may revoke the permit at any time.

Permit Conditions

Applicants must agree to the following conditions (see the full permit application for complete details):

  • All debris must be removed immediately after the event.
  • A petition requesting approval of the event must be signed by all residents on the street.
  • Streets need to remain accessible to emergency equipment at all times.
  • Tables, chairs and other large items are restricted to the sidewalk.
  • Participation is only for neighborhood residents and friends.
  • There shall be no selling of food or beverages.

Insurance Requirements

As a condition to issuance of a permit, a Certificate of Insurance will be required. In addition to the permit fee, a refundable deposit (to meet any costs related to closing the street) may be required once the application is approved. The deposit shall not exceed $1,000.

Submit a Permit

Please complete the Residential Street Closure Permit Application form. Bring completed form to City of Rocklin Public Works at 4081 Alvis Court, Rocklin, CA 95677.