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New Rocklin Firefighters Pinned at Graduation Ceremony

New Rocklin Firefighters being sworn in

“Never settle.” This was the motto that drove Nick Anderson, Ashley Jennings, and Alex Schnetz every day during their eleven week training to become Rocklin’s newest Firefighters.

Through early morning lectures, grueling workouts, and endless hours of pulling hose and throwing ladders, they strove to gain confidence and skills, to better themselves mentally and physically, and most importantly, to never settle.

Anderson, Jennings, and Schnetz training culminated with a special socially-distanced badge pinning ceremony on Dec. 4 to honor their accomplishments and officially welcome them as Rocklin Firefighters.

“I am always impressed with this department, because when most people run away from a dangerous situation, you run towards it,” said City Councilmember Ken Broadway in a speech during the ceremony. “You help people during the most challenging times in their lives and you do so in a way that provides comfort and support, and looking in front of me today, I can clearly see that we selected the right people.”

Academy Training Supervisor Acting Captain Alton Tate said the new men and woman exemplify the Rocklin Fire Department’s values of hard work, humility, and job excellence. Tate is confident their extensive training with both Roseville and Rocklin’s fire academies taught them the skills necessary to endure physically and mentally exhausting tasks, and prepared them for the challenges of real-world calls.

As Rocklin’s first full-time female firefighter, Ashley Jennings’ hiring marks an especially significant moment in Rocklin Fire history.

“I take being Rocklin’s first female firefighter as an incredible opportunity and honor, but the job is the same even though I’m a different gender,” said Jennings. “I will do everything I can to be the strongest, kindest, and best firefighter, regardless of gender, and hopefully other young women will see that and know that it is attainable.”

For Anderson, joining Rocklin Fire is realization of a goal he set nearly 10 years ago.

“When I went to my first fire class, I immediately fell in love with it and fell in love with the culture and family atmosphere,” said Anderson. “I look forward to keep building this family, keep training, and keep building my skill set and improving myself so I can better the community.”

The three new firefighters will continue to learn the Rocklin way and are already serving on engines throughout the city, helping to make Rocklin the safe place residents know and love.

Article By Alyssa Adams

Rocklin Firefighter-Paramedic Recognized for Life-saving Service

Rocklin Firefighter-Paramedic Jesse Llopis was recently recognized for actions that saved a hiker’s life.

The Sierra-Sacramento Valley EMS presented Llopis with an Outstanding Service Award for quickly accessing a patient and providing immediate critical care despite being in a wilderness area.

Article By Alyssa Mielke

Exceptional Fire Safety Rating Benefits City

The City of Rocklin is in the top 4.1% of the nation in fire protection, according to a recent evaluation by the Insurance Services Office (ISO).

On a scale of 1-10, with a rating of 1 denoting the best ability to respond to a fire and a 10 signaling little or no fire protection, the City was classified as a 2 on the Public Protection Classification (PPC). Only 1,800 communities in the country have this rating or higher.

Article By Alyssa Mielke, City of Rocklin

Badges Pinned on Rocklin’s Newest Firefighters

Jesse Llopis and Joshua Priest stood at attention in front of their families, friends and colleagues on February 14, eager to complete the final rite of passage and become Rocklin’s newest Firefighter-Paramedics.

The men awaited their department badges in a ceremony that was the culmination of an intense six-week training academy which featured extreme mental and physical pressure. On the final evaluations just hours before the ceremony, if even one mistake was made, they would not have been hired.


Rocklin and Roseville Firefighters Partner to Clear Unknown Substance

The Rocklin Fire Department responded early this afternoon to the Goodwill store located at 6011 Stanford Ranch Road after receiving a report of an unknown substance discovered in a wardrobe box. Two employees had initially discovered and were exposed to the substance, which caused slight reactions.

Roseville’s Hazmat team was also called to the scene and together the firefighters followed Hazmat procedures which included evacuating Goodwill and the surrounding businesses before making entry wearing protective equipment.


Rocklin Firefighters Save Homes from Fire Burning Backyard Sheds

The Rocklin Fire Department responded to a fire on Sunday, Oct. 1 to find flames engulfing sheds and garbage cans on either side of a common fence between two homes. When the first engines arrived, the fire filled the space between the homes with flames contacting the walls and roof of each.

Aggressive, professional action from Rocklin Fire, with assistance from the Lincoln Fire Department, Roseville Fire Department and Cal Fire, kept the fire from causing major damage to either home.


Rocklin and Lincoln Fire Departments Hire Fire Chief

Subject: New Fire Chief to Oversee Rocklin and Lincoln Departments
Contacts: Michael Young, Rocklin Communications and Legislative Affairs Officer (916) 625-5584 |

Bill Hack, previously the Fire Chief for the City of Chico and firefighting professional for more than 20 years, has been hired as the Fire Chief for the Cities of Rocklin and Lincoln. Hack will begin his new duties on Monday, August 21.