Public Services


Public Services

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The City of Rocklin Public Services Department works to keep city streets clean and safe, landscape areas healthy and green, street lighting systems and traffic signals operating, and creeks and open space areas pollution free.

Public Services also operates and maintains the City’s fleet of vehicles, as well as coordinates Capital Improvement Projects.

Providing these services means both a commitment to residents and a respect for the community, which is why the Public Services Department encourages you to browse through these web pages and let us know what you think.

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Current Projects

Capital improvement projects enhance public safety, improve quality of life, and expand economic development.

The initiation of these projects is based on growth and development in the City that has been identified in the City’s General Plan. 

Capital improvement projects are roadway improvement projects that have been identified in the circulation element of the City’s General Plan. The initiation of these projects is based on growth and development in the City. 

More information about future planned improvement projects can be found in the City of Rocklin budget documents.

Bid Opportunities  

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Traffic, Lights & Signs

The Traffic Division is responsible for a variety of functions that contribute to our community’s safe and efficient movement of people, goods, and services.

The City of Rocklin follows the California Vehicle Code and national guidelines for traffic control devices such as signal lights, traffic signs, and paint markings. Several factors are considered when deciding to place traffic control devices including traffic volumes, accident rates, pedestrian traffic, and travel delays.

Requests for traffic control devices can be submitted to the City by contacting Public Services at 916.625.5500 or online via Access Rocklin.

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In Rocklin, trash is sorted at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and everything that can be recycled is sorted and processed automatically without you having to sort anything. That’s why we only have one bin for trash and recycling!

Stormdrain Marker

Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Our Environmental Services staff implement permit compliance tasks and track stormwater regulations on behalf of the City of Rocklin. We document information on illegal discharge detection and elimination, street and storm drain cleaning, creek maintenance, stormwater and creek protection controls for development projects, business inspections, and public outreach, education and participation.


Streets and Drains

Public Services is committed to maintaining Rocklin’s streets and stormdrains in order to keep our city safe.

Street Maintenance

Pothole In keeping with the high quality of living in Rocklin, Public Services strives to keep every street in good riding condition, drainage, and appearance.

Over time, the stress of weather and traffic creates cracks, potholes, and other weaknesses in the pavement. The City performs an inventory of the entire road network on a rotating basis to determine where maintenance is needed.