Animal Control


Rocklin Animal Control

Rocklin Police and Animal Control Officers want you and your pets to be good neighbors. Often a friendly warning or word of advice is all it takes.

Rocklin Animal Control provide the following services:

  • Respond to loose dogs or dogs off leash
  • Respond to dogs locked in parked vehicles
  • Respond to injured, sick or dead animals
  • Investigation of animal bite reports
  • Investigation of complaints of animal care or welfare
  • Investigation of barking/nuisance complaints
  • Inspection of animal laws and ordinances
  • Enforcement of animal laws and ordinances

For further information in regards to Rocklin Municipal Code view the City of Rocklin Municipal Code

Pet Licensing

The City of Rocklin’s Animal Ordinance requires that all dogs over the age of four months and domestic swine get a license with the City of Rocklin.  There are three ways in which to complete the dog licensing. You can go on the website to and fill out the application on-line, pick up a lice application from the Rocklin Police Department, or call 1-855-223-1681.  Make sure to send in the application, copy of the rabies certificate, and payment in order to complete the licensing process.  

DOGS: To get a new dog license or renew your dog license,click here.

PIGS: To license a domestic swine (yes, pet pigs must be licensed in Rocklin), 
please come to the Police Department during business hours or call 625-5405.

CATS: Currently the City of Rocklin does not require cats to be licensed. 

The City of Rocklin’s Animal Ordinance requires that all dogs over the age of four months and domestic swine get a license with the City of Rocklin. 

Learn more about pet licensing 

Local Animal Shelters:

Placer County Animal Services
11232 B Avenue
Auburn, CA 95603

Placer SPCA
150 Corporation Yard Rd.
Roseville, CA 95678