Reserve Officer Program


Reserve Officer Program

The Reserve Police Officer Program (RPOP) is composed of members of our community who choose to dedicate a portion of their time to community service by working as part-time employees or volunteers with Rocklin PD. These officers work with full-time regular officers to provide law enforcement services for the City.

Rocklin Reserve police officers may perform a number of general and specialized law enforcement assignments, including but not limited to:

  • Uniformed patrol
  • Prisoner transportation
  • Investigations
  • Search & rescue
  • Special events
  • Police Records

Reserve police officers are required by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) to meet the same selection standards (e.g. personal history investigation and medical and psychological screening) as full-time regular officers. California POST Commission outlines the minimum training requirements for reserve peace officers.

The Rocklin Police Department Reserve Police Officer Program (RPOP) was formed many decades ago. Rocklin reserve police officers augment our regular, full-time police officers in most units of the Police Department. The California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) recognizes three levels of Reserve Police Officers: Level I, Level II and Level III, and defines these levels as follows:

  • Level I reserve officers may work alone and perform the same duties as full-time regular officers (Upon successful completion of the Rocklin PD Field Training Program)
  • Level II reserve officers may perform general law enforcement assignments while under the immediate supervision of a peace officer who has completed the Regular Basic Course. These officers may also work assignments authorized for Level III reserve officers without immediate supervision.
  • Level III reserve officers may perform specified limited support duties, and other duties that are not likely to result in physical arrests, while supervised in the accessible vicinity by a Level I reserve officer or a full-time regular officer. Additionally, Level III reserve officers may transport prisoners without immediate supervision. 

Rocklin Police Reserves are non-paid volunteers, but are still sworn peace officers.  All Rocklin Reserve Police Officers complete an in-house training program upon being hired prior to any Patrol training in the field. Once a reserve police officer has successfully completed our in-house training and has attained Level I status they may elect to enter the Field Training Officer (FTO) program. For more information on becoming a Reserve Police Officer, please visit the California Commission on POST RPOP website. To learn if we are hiring and to obtain an application to become a Rocklin Police Department Reserve Police Officer, please visit the City of Rocklin Human Resources website.