The Canine Program began in the mid 1980’s as an asset to patrol in searching and locating fleeing felons, lost children and missing persons. The primary purpose of the canine unit is tracking, crowd control, officer protection, and as a backup to the canine officer when arresting combative subjects and bringing them under control. The canine unit has also been popular at public demonstrations.

How many dogs are in the Canine Program?

Currently, there are two full-time canine handlers in uniform patrol. Canines work patrol after they and their handlers have undergone the basic training program, and after the canines have been acclimated for use in patrol cars. 

What do these dogs do?

One canine is used in the detection of narcotics, and the other a protection/tracking dog. Both canines are used in search warrants and searching buildings.

The canine unit also makes regular appearances each year at the local schools and community events to demonstrate how the dogs are trained and how they interact with their handlers.