City of Rocklin Budgets


The City of Rocklin’s 2017-2018 Budget contains the revenue and expenditure summary, operating and capital budgets, departmental expenditures by fund, fund analysis, and transfer summary. The budget also includes information on capital equipment and purchases, park and street construction projects, city officials, organizational charts, and salary schedules.

City Budget 2017-2018

Resolution No. 2017-152 Operating Budget

Resolution 2017-153 Operating Transfer Budget

Resolution 2017-154 Capital Expenditure Budget

Capital Investment Plan (CIP)

The City of Rocklin CIP is a planning document that sets forth the City’s capital improvements for the next five years to ensure that municipal infrastructure, facilities, and equipment are appropriate and adequate to serve the needs of the people of the City of Rocklin.

Five Year Capital Investment Plan 2017-2021


Following are the approved city budgets for prior years. These past budgets represent dated information for historical reference only.

City Budget 2016 - 2017

City Budget 2015-2016

City Budget 2014-2015

City Budget 2013-2014

City Budget 2012-2013

City Budget 2011-2012

City Budget 2010-2011

City Budget 2009-2010

City Budget 2007-2008 & 2008-2009

City Budget 2006-2007

City Budget 2005-2006

City Budget 2004-2005

City Budget 2003-2004

Five Year Capital Investment Plan 2016-2020