Portable Play Equipment Guidelines


Portable Play Equipment Guidelines

photo of basketball hoop with home in background When it comes to portable play equipment like basketball hoops, skateboard ramps, and other equipment, the City of Rocklin tries very hard to maintain a balance between safety and recreational availability. All play equipment on city property must conform to Chapter 12.04 of the Rocklin Municipal Code.

Play Equipment is Allowed

  • Front, side, or rear yards
  • Private property
  • Private driveways

May be allowed on the public roadway near the curb where vehicles normally park, when not near corners, turns, bends in the roadway, or any other location where it may not be readily visible to approaching vehicles, bicycles, or pedestrians.

Play Equipment is Not Allowed

  • On a public sidewalk
  • Overhanging or interfering with a public sidewalk
  • On or overhanging the public roadway where vehicles normally travel
  • Within a crosswalk or intersection

You may be issued a courtesy warning notice if there is a portable basketball hoop, skateboard ramp, or other portable play equipment located on the city sidewalk or street in front of your residence. If you receive a warning notice re-position your equipment so it is in compliance with the guidelines above. If the equipment in question does not belong to you, please notify City of Rocklin Code Compliance at (916) 625-5498.