No Smoking Ordinance


Be Smoke-Free
in Rocklin City Parks

An ordinance fully prohibiting smoking in all city parks, recreation areas and city owned property became effective on July 13, 2017.  The no-smoking restriction includes electronic cigarettes and vaping devices.

The ordinance clarifies previous similar “park rules,” is easier to understand and, if necessary, enforce.

Smoke-free outdoor recreation areas, bike paths, and outdoor assembly areas encourage healthy behavior, reduce unwanted exposure to secondhand smoke, a known carcinogen, and reduce fire hazards.

Currently, over 1,266 park and recreation agencies across the country have deemed their facilities tobacco-free. In addition, the National Recreation and Park Association, of which the City of Rocklin is a member, strongly advocates that all providers of park, recreation and leisure service are tobacco-free.

The full ordinance can be found in Chapter 12.20.085 of the Rocklin Municipal Code.