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View the latest Rocklin news. 

View the latest Rocklin news. 

Article Siena Hansen
Staci Bier at a Staci's Helping Hands outreach event

2021 Ruhkala Community Service Awards Feature
Staci Bier - Individual Award Recipient

Staci’s Helping Hands was born in 2017 when Rocklin resident Staci Bier took on leadership of a small charitable group and decided to run a food pantry out of her apartment. Her mission was to simply help those in the community who are hungry.

Today, Staci’s Helping Hands has grown into an online community with more than 2,500 members, who regularly provide food and baby products to those in need, and deliver meals and gifts during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Article Siena Hansen

2021 Ruhkala Community Service Awards Feature
Father Michael Dillon - Pioneer Award Recipient

When Father Michael Dillon arrived in Rocklin on May 1, 1981, the first thing that struck him was the community – everyone seemed to know each other, was involved, and helped out.

“Since long before I came here, Rocklin has been very family oriented and full of friendly, helpful people who were very much in tune with one another,” said Dillon, reflecting back.


Grant Funding Approved for Potential SWRA Trails Expansion

Rocklin residents who enjoy walking, running or riding through the Sunset Whitney Recreation Area (SWRA) are one step closer to exploring another 0.75 miles of pathways after City Council approved $472,500 in funding for park improvements on Tuesday night.

$428,000 is available through state grants focused on recreation, with the city required to match $44,500. City Council approved resolutions to secure the grant monies and expressed the desire to fund Phase I of the East Trails expansion at SWRA once received.


New Map Highlights Potential, Approved Development Projects

Residents interested in learning more about development and construction projects in the City of Rocklin now have a new tool. Rocklin now offers an easy-to-use online map that lists commercial, housing, and other projects proposed, approved, or already under construction.


Term Sheet for Community Tap House Near Quarry Park Adventures Approved

A proposed outdoor community tap house and public market on City land near Quarry Park Adventures took its first official step forward when the Rocklin City Council approved the project term sheet Tuesday night.

City staff and Beer 40, LLC, negotiated the initial agreement for the development of a concept modeled after the popular SACYARD Community Tap House and Beer 40 projects in Sacramento and Vacaville, respectively.

Article Siena Hansen

Stormwater Pipes being Relined in Rocklin Neighborhoods

If you have noticed an unpleasant smell in the air this week, it may be related to infrastructure repairs to stormwater pipes under city streets.

Rocklin Public Services recently began repairing corrugated metal pipes in several neighborhoods, starting with areas near Fair Dr. and Sunset Blvd, and Eagle Ct. These kind of pipes have a natural expiration date (some are nearly 30 years old) but have been wearing out faster than expected. To avoid unanticipated costs, Public Services has been repairing segments of pipes in residential areas over the past four years.

Article Siena Hansen

Mural Overlooking Quarry Park Adventures Complete

The faces of Rocklin’s quarrying past have come to life in the form of a 30-ft high mural now complete on the walls of city hall that overlook Quarry Park Adventures. 

The spray-painted mural, by local artist John Horton, combines bright colors and modern art elements depicting a true-to-life image of real quarry workers from days gone by. The combined effect is designed to incorporate Rocklin’s rich history and the City’s current vibrancy.

Article By Warren Jorgensen, Rocklin Community Recognition Commission Chair

Honor Those Giving Back and Consider Doing So Yourself

Nominations for the 2021 Ruhkala Community Service Awards are being accepted now to honor people and organizations that give their time, expertise and resources for the betterment of the Rocklin community.

We all have busy lives with commitments to family, careers, education and more; not to mention trying to find a little time to relax and enjoy ourselves. As daily demands seem to continue to increase, it humbles and inspires me to see so many of you dedicating much of your remaining capacity to help others. 


Ruhkala Award Recipient Recap
Ken Yorde - 2008 Pioneer Award Winner

After living in Italy for six years and for a time in Japan while working as a civilian advisor for the Air Force, Ken Yorde was transferred to California and needed a home near McClelllan AFB.  Wanting to live in a city with good public services, Yorde found Rocklin and moved there in 1975.

Article Siena Hansen
Alllegiant Giving

2020 Ruhkala Award Winners to be Honored
Oct. 27, 6 p.m. - Rocklin Events Center

The 2020 Ruhkala Community Service Award winners will be honored by City Council and the Community Recognition Commission on Oct. 27 at the Council meeting starting at 6 p.m. at the Rocklin Event Center. 

The Ruhkala Award winners are traditionally honored in April but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their recognition was postponed. The City of Rocklin thanks each person and organization for their longstanding commitment to serving the Rocklin community.

Read more about the honorees:

Article Siena Hansen

New Rocklin Firefighters Pinned at Graduation Ceremony

New Rocklin Firefighters being sworn in

“Never settle.” This was the motto that drove Nick Anderson, Ashley Jennings, and Alex Schnetz every day during their eleven week training to become Rocklin’s newest Firefighters.

Through early morning lectures, grueling workouts, and endless hours of pulling hose and throwing ladders, they strove to gain confidence and skills, to better themselves mentally and physically, and most importantly, to never settle.

Anderson, Jennings, and Schnetz training culminated with a special socially-distanced badge pinning ceremony on Dec. 4 to honor their accomplishments and officially welcome them as Rocklin Firefighters.

Aly Zimmermann

Rocklin Appoints Aly Zimmermann as City Manager

Rocklin, CA – The Rocklin City Council unanimously appointed Aly Zimmermann as Rocklin’s permanent city manager at their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday night.

Zimmermann has served as the assistant city manager for the City of Vista since 2012, where she managed multiple contracts and departments for the city with a population of over 100,000. Zimmerman’s responsibilities include oversight of Vista’s $150 million operating budget, administration of Vista’s law enforcement contract with the San Diego County Sheriff, and acting as the organization’s chief labor negotiator.

Article Siena Hansen
Terry Richardson Added to the Wall of Recognition

Terry Richardson Added to the Wall of Recognition

Terry Richardson and his family in front of the Wall of Recognition.

Terry Richardson became the fifth honoree to have his name etched on Rocklin’s Wall of Recognition on Oct. 30, permanently commemorating him for his significant contributions that have shaped the character of Rocklin.

Richardson’s wife and family, as well as many current and former city councilmembers and staff, were present at the outdoor, socially distanced ceremony.

Article By Siena Hansen

“We’re Open” William Jessup University Feature
William Jessup Maintains Safety and Community with In-Person and Virtual Learning

William Jessup University is heading into its seventh week of instruction and has been able to maintain a strong sense of community while prioritizing student health and safety. Following state and federal COVID-19 requirements, Jessup offers on-campus living and in-person classes, in addition to online and other virtual learning components.


Text to 9-1-1 Now Available in Rocklin and Placer County
Call if you Can, Text if You Can't

Text to 9-1-1 is live in Rocklin and across Placer County. Mobile phone users living in or traveling through Placer County now have the ability to send text messages to 9-1-1.

This new function gives hearing and speech impaired residents, or people in situations where it is too dangerous to talk, a potentially lifesaving option. Texts will be routed to a nearby 9-1-1 dispatch center the same way a 9-1-1 call is routed.

Even where text-to-9-1-1 is available, if you can make a voice call to 9-1-1, please call instead of texting.

Placer County Logo

Placer declares the end of local COVID-19 health emergency
State of CA COVID-19 Restrictions Still in Place In Placer County

Placer County News Release

Sept. 9, 2020

AUBURN, Calif. — Citing a low incidence of COVID-19 and increasing harm caused by California’s reopening framework, the Placer County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution declaring the end of Placer County’s local health emergency.

While acknowledging that California’s state of emergency and Department of Public Health orders, directives and guidance remain in full effect in Placer County, the resolution expresses the board’s concerns that the state framework for measuring COVID-19 mischaracterizes the current state of disease specifically in Placer County and harms the community’s economic, health, mental and social well-being.

Article By Alyssa Adams

Rocklin Firefighter-Paramedic Recognized for Life-saving Service

Rocklin Firefighter-Paramedic Jesse Llopis was recently recognized for actions that saved a hiker’s life.

The Sierra-Sacramento Valley EMS presented Llopis with an Outstanding Service Award for quickly accessing a patient and providing immediate critical care despite being in a wilderness area.

Article By Alyssa Adams
Member of Rocklin's Traffic Division works on a street sign from a crane bucket.

Traffic Division: Public Service for Public Safety

With 72 traffic signals, 3,000 City-owned-and-managed streetlights, and 15,000 signs in City limits, the Rocklin Traffic Division has plenty to keep the department of four busy.

Each traffic signal undergoes quarterly and annual checks to verify that the conflict manager, detectors, controllers, and lights are working properly, and to clean out the cabinets of any debris. Additionally, about 10 intersections of traffic signal lights, or about 50 bulbs, are replaced every year to reduce the chance of burned-out lights causing confusion for drivers.

Article By Alyssa Adams

City of Rocklin Proclaims Saturday, August 29, 2020 as Bryce Jessup Day

In Memoriam Bryce Jessup 1935-2020

The Rocklin City Council is honoring the memory and life of Dr. Bryce Jessup, President Emeritus of William Jessup University, by proclaiming Saturday, August 29, 2020 as Bryce Jessup Day in Rocklin.

Jessup passed away in late July during a fishing and hiking trip in the High Sierras with family. The university has planned a livestreamed memorial celebration for Saturday, August 29, with COVID-19 precautions. Attendees are asked to RSVP in advance here.