June 11 Rocklin City Council Recap


Placer Mosquito & Vector Control District Annual Update

Meagan Luevano, Public Information Officer with the Placer Mosquito and Vector Control District, presented City Council with an annual update on initiatives, projects and information on mosquito activity in the area.

This organization aims to effectively manage the risks from vectors and vector-borne disease in Placer County to protect public health.

Placer Mosquito has provided invaluable services to the Placer County region, including disease surveillance, chemical and biological control, community and school outreach and applied research methods.

Meagan reported that an invasive species of mosquitos called Aedes were discovered in the Parker Whitney neighborhood and have implemented a response plan to control the spread of this species in Rocklin. This includes enhanced surveillance, door-to-door inspections, additional trapping methods and further treatments to Rocklin neighborhoods with invasive mosquitos.

Council Approves Landscape & Lighting Maintenance For Rocklin District

Council approved of the second (and final) step in a process of adopting the assessment levy for lighting and landscape maintenance for two chosen districts in Rocklin.

The proposed maximum assessment for the first district during 2024/25 is $251,800. The proposed maximum assessment for the second district is $2,757,800.

Funds collected will be used towards providing maintenance of street lighting, safety lighting and important roadway landscaping within the district.

These decisions were made based on data pulled from the 2024 Annual Engineers Report.