June 25 Rocklin City Council Recap


Swearing In of Newly Appointed Rocklin Boards, Commissions, and Committee Members

On May 29, 2024, the City Council conducted interviews with qualified applicants to fill vacancies on the City’s Board of Appeals, Community Recognition Commission, and Parks & Recreation Commission. The City Council also reviewed requests for reappointment of scheduled vacancies on the Board of Appeals, Community Recognition Commission, Investment Advisory Committee, Parks & Recreation Commission, and the Planning Commission. 

Following the appointment of these various Boards, Commissions, and Committee members, the City Clerk swore in the recently appointed members.

Appointees for these roles are as follows:

  • Board of Appeals: William D. Dean, Wijaya H. Perera
  • Community Recognition Commission: Jane Davaransky,  Susan A. Willson
  • Investment Advisory Committee: Ramakrishna Bachina
  • Parks & Recreation Commission: Christine D. Anderson, Matthew B. Duarte, Elizabeth E. McGuirk & John McMillan (Youth Commissioner)
  • Planning Commission: Roberto Cortez, Gregg A. McKenzie

Approval of Fiscal Year 2024/25 Operating Budget

City Council approved the proposed Operating Budget and Capital Investment Program for Fiscal Year 2024-25.

The City’s operating budget will consist of $105.4 million and capital outlay funds include $9.9 million across all capital funds. Employment additions to City staff and the rebranding of the Public Services Department to Public Works contributed to changes in the overall budget.

Councilmember Ken Broadway shared his thoughts on the budget overview. ”I wanted to thank staff for all the hard work. I know that budgeting isn’t just a one-week or one-month process. It’s ongoing, it’s constant and it takes a lot of time, energy and effort. We have a solid budget, we’re moving forward in a very positive way and in a sustainable way and am looking forward to continuing working with staff as we implement over 2024/25.”

Click here to read the full staff report.