Five Star – Mission Hills Paving Project


The Five Star – Mission Hills Paving Project is expected to begin work May 2024. McGuire and Hester (The City’s contractor), and the City of Rocklin will do everything possible to minimize inconveniences during this construction activity.  

Rocklin residents within the impacted area will be receiving door hangers with information regarding the pavement rehabilitation project.

The hours of construction will be from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If your home is near repair work, you will not be able to park your car on the street (you can park in your own driveway). Please park on an adjacent street if you need to get out after 7 AM. “No Parking” signs will be placed along the street at least 72 hours prior to the work being started.

These signs will have specific dates and times that all parking on the street will be restricted.


Phase 1: Grind and Grade Road

Work includes removing several inches of the existing roadway and prepping the subgrade for new asphalt. Although there will be large equipment and an increased number of personnel, access for residences will be maintained. Parking on the street will be prohibited during working hours (7am-5pm), but will resume after hours.

Phase 2: Pave Road

During the paving operation, access to residences will remain, however, we may ask that you park down the street if we are paving in front of your residence. We want to limit driving on the fresh asphalt as much as possible, but our crews will help accommodate the resident’s needs as appropriate.

Phase 3: Raise Utilities

Work includes raising maintenance holes and water valves to grade. Impact to residents will be minimal with streets open and access to residences maintained. 

Phase 4: Striping

During striping operations, parking on the street will be prohibited during working hours (7am-5pm) but will resume after hours. Traffic control will be in place to direct traffic around the striping operation.

For questions regarding the paving project, please contact the below 

  • McGuire and Hester Project Manager, Scott Mulhbach (530) 205-8319
  • McGuire and Hester Project Engineer, Octavio Soto de la Cerda (530) 520-5253
  • City of Rocklin Project Manager, Rick Lawrence (916) 625-5521
  • City of Rocklin Construction Inspector, Jeff Guerrero (916) 625-5500