May 28 Rocklin City Council Recap


Leadership Rocklin 2023-24 Graduates Honored

City Council received a special presentation regarding the graduating class of Leadership Rocklin 2023-24.

Leadership Rocklin is a program run by the Rocklin Area Chamber of Commerce that aims to develop leadership skills, community knowledge, and relationships. The program also encourages participants to give back to the community. 

Rocklin Chamber leader Christie Harrison described the impact this year’s graduating class had on the Rocklin community. “The guidelines for the program were to find a project we could all work on that would benefit the City. We decided to move forward with repainting fire hydrants across the City, some of which had not been painted in over ten years. The event took place on March 9 and we completed 48 hydrants in two hours. Everybody came to the table and delivered results in a professional, respectful, and amazing manner. We are very proud of everybody involved.”

Historical Marker Donation Policy

Staff presented phase two amendments towards Historical Marker Donation Policies, which outlines the process by which members of the public can request to donate a marker or plaque to the City to commemorate historical sites, accomplishments, and events.

The age of historical events has been decreased to fifty years and the number of requests per applicant has increased to two per year. Only direct costs for the installation of a marker will be paid for by the applicant. 

The motion to pass the amendment was approved in a 4-1 vote. City Council encouraged staff to work alongside the Rocklin Historical Society in further involvements regarding historical markers. 

Council Approves Extensions To Bike Pump Track

During Tuesday night’s Rocklin City Council meeting, Councilmembers unanimously approved a parking lot extension for the Whitney Park Bike Pump track.

The track has been a highly desirable project boosted by community support. It will be designed as a course for bicycles with banked turns and hills, where riders can travel the course with minimal pedaling. 

The City has awarded the contract bid for the parking lot extension to Consolidated Engineering, Inc. Staff anticipates the parking lot extension and bicycle pump track to be in construction concurrently.