Shopping & Dining


Shopping and Dining

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Why shop and dine in Rocklin?

A strong local economy and high quality of life in the City of Rocklin are dependent in part upon the community’s preference to do their shopping and dining in the City. 

The goal of the shop and dine program in Rocklin is to encourage residents to shop and dine in Rocklin. When this happens, 100% of the City-derived sales tax stays in Rocklin, providing services to Rocklin residents and businesses.

Sales taxes are the second largest source of revenues in the City of Rocklin with 26% of the City’s General Fund coming from sales taxes. When purchases are made in Rocklin, the City receives 1% of the taxable sale. Sales tax revenues are essential revenues for supporting public safety services including Police and Fire and our myriad number of parks and recreation services. We ask you to please remember the next time you shop or dine, to support your Rocklin city businesses, which in turn support our local community.