Past Recipients

Steve Paul is pictured with daughters Haily, Sophie, and Julia.

Ruhkala Award Recipient Recap
Steve Paul - 2002 Individual Award Winner

For our last previous awardee highlight, we’re looking back at Steve Paul’s individual award from 2002.

Paul’s dedication and leadership to the Rocklin Area Chamber of Commerce played a role in the expansion of the Hot Chili, Cool Cars event. Steve also played an integral role in the passage of a measure to construct Whitney High School to accommodate Rocklin’s growing population. Paul has continued to serve the Rocklin community and is currently the chairperson for the annual tree lighting event.

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Article By Alyssa Mielke

Ruhkala Award Recipient Recap
Bryce Jessup—2010 Individual Ruhkala Award Winner

Bryce Jessup, the President Emeritus of William Jessup University, won the Individual Ruhkala Award in 2010 for his volunteer work, mentorship, and efforts that make a difference in the Rocklin area and around the world. Ten years later and now into his 80’s, he is still creating a positive influence in many ways on those in the community.


2019 Ruhkala Award Winners

The Ruhkala Community Service Awards recognize exemplary community service efforts annually in the City of Rocklin. The awards were created to honor Roy and Peggy Ruhkala, a pair who worked for the betterment of the Rocklin community for over 40 years.

Julia Shohbozian
Youth Ruhkala Award Winner

Julia Shohbozian, winner of the 2019 Youth Ruhkala Award


Ruhkala Awards Recaps of Previous Honorees
Will Linton - 2000 Ruhkala Pioneer Award Recipient

Will Linton, a recipient of the 2000 Ruhkala Pioneer Award, was an outstanding citizen and leader in the Rocklin community for many years. Linton was a public school teacher by trade, teaching at the secondary level and eventually retired from the San Juan Unified School District. When the Lintons first moved to Rocklin, it was was a small city with a population of less than 10,000 people. During Linton’s involvement and leadership, Rocklin took the steps making it the city it is today. 


Ruhkala Awards Recaps of Previous Honorees
Kathy Lund - 2011 Ruhkala Pioneer Award Recipient

Kathy Lund dedicated 30 years of service to her city and residents, served on the Rocklin City Council from 1985 to 2010 and was a six-time Rocklin Mayor.  She also served on the Parks and Recreation Commission from 1980 to 1985.  Her longevity on the Council was attributed to her philosophy, which she said was “while sitting up there, you need to listen, listen, think and think and then talk, and then you have to be consistent and stay on track. I always tried to.”  Lund’s major areas of focus were planning the growth of the city, transportation, and city parks.