Business, Group, or Service Organization Recipients


Original Honorees: Roy and Peggy Ruhkala 1998

Year Name Background
1999 Rocklin Lions Club  
2000 Original Thirteen Friends of the Library  
2001 Teen Center Committee  
2002 Rocklin Historical Society  
2003 Carl Krause – Hacienda Del Roble Restaurant

Randy & Lisa Peters – Venita Rhea’s Restaurant
2004 Safeway – Granite Drive

Safeway – Sunset Boulevard

Albertsons – Pacific Street

Bel Air – Sunset Boulevard

Food Source – Stanford Ranch Road
2005 Rocklin High School Thunder Galleria  
2006 Tri-City Little League  
2007 Friends of the Library

The Rocklin Friends of the Library was established in 1982, and has supported and promoted the Rocklin Library since. Their efforts have helped to procure and renovate Rocklin’s library facilities, bolster the County library’s collection, and support programming locally.

2008 William Jessup University  
2009 Rocklin Area Chamber of Commerce  
2010 Wave Communications – Gerry Lyons  
2011 Rotary Club of South Placer
Rotary Club of the Rocklin/Loomis Basin
2012 Whitney High School Junior ROTC  
2013 Kiwanis Club of Rocklin  
2014 Rocklin Public Safety Volunteers, Inc.  

Bach to Rock Music Academy

This local music school gives back to the community in a variety of ways, including supporting fundraisers and providing free student band and DJ services to events. Bach to Rock also is heavily involved with the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce, donating to the Chambers Adopt a Family program and hosting the Sunrise with the Chamber networking event.


Allegiant Giving

Allegiant Giving supports today’s heroes and tomorrow’s leaders by serving veterans, students, and athletes. This service organizations supports veterans and their spouses through education, employment, and entrepreneurial programs, one of which is the Rocklin Residents Unite for Fido (RUFF) Healing Heroes initiative.

2021 Compassion Planet

Since 2013, Compassion Planet has mentored and supported aged-out foster youth and youth from at-risk backgrounds, helping them overcome personal obstacles and become independent and employable.

Compassion Planet also provides three nonprofit businesses in the Rocklin community in which the youth receive paid work experience, including Deer Creek Farm, DCF Garden & Market and the Compassion Thrift Shop.

2022 Rocklin Lost and Found Pets

Losing pets is always a stressful moment in pet owners’ lives, and for the last ten years Kimberly Hall, founder of Rocklin Lost and Found Pets (RLFP), has worked tirelessly to find missing pets around the city. This service organization not only spreads awareness for pets that are lost but also towards animals that have been abandoned or are without a home. The service will set humane traps and gather search parties, night or day, to take care of Rocklin’s animals.

“Their unyielding dedication to the helpless lost fur babies in this community has reunited untold families with their beloved pets,” RFLP’s nominator said. “They do of this at their own expense. Their unyielding dedication to the helpless lost fur babies in this community has reunited untold families with their beloved pets. They are always there. Every single time.”