Youth Award Recipients

Year Name Background
2011 Students of Rocklin Elementary

School Students of Valley View Elementary School
2012 2012 Victory High School Interact Club  
2014 2014 Granite Oaks & Spring View Middle Schools  

Julia Shohbozian

Julia Shohbozian is a board member of the Rocklin Historical Society (RHS) and a vital part of the RHS Rocklin Speaker Series. She participates in the “Voices of the Passed” living history cemetery tours and aids on the St. Mary’s Chapel committee.

2022 Luke Vellutini

Luke Vellutini, a junior at Rocklin High School, is an outstanding case on what it means to dedicate one’s time and service to the Rocklin community. Vellutini serves on the Executive Board of The Residential Hermès, a local nonprofit that offers marketing services to local businesses. He is also the founder of the Waste Management Association at Rocklin High School, and has organized several events to reduce trash in local parks.

Between these two organizations and going to school full time (where he offers tutoring services 2-3 times per week), Vellutini is also an active member in the Rocklin Boy Scout Troup 349, where they are beginning a project that will build benches and provide landscaping services to local teen group homes.