Every day City employees interact with hundreds of residents, businesses and visitors in the course of their job. Employees may feel that they are “just doing their job”, but sometimes that interaction has such a positive impact, it prompts our citizens to send along a word of thanks.

Here are some highlights from letters we have received:

“Please take notice that Rick Lawrence is a real asset to your administration and appreciated for his efforts on behalf of the residents of Rocklin.”

Bill Tsuji - 10/18/2018

“…thank you for hiring Nathan Medler to graze his goats and sheep on the hill behind our home. [...] They were very professional in the way they treated the neighbors, their livestock as well as the well trained dogs they used to move the animals.”

Woody Laughnan - 10/4/2018

“Thanks to Sean (Darling) in Parks Department for helping me with a concrete issue in my patio… Very professional and issue resolved.”

Jerry Rodgers - 9/27/2018


“I logged that there was a pot hole in the road on park and Wednesday on the app and today (Monday) someone from the city knocked on my door because he couldn’t find it on the road. He was very nice and respectful just a class act. I am so proud of the city and how fast you guys get things done. Keep up the great work you guys do! Thank you.”

Tyler Weber – 10/26/2020

If you have a compliment or commendation you’d like to share, please contact Michael Young in the Office of the City Manager at michael.young@rocklin.ca.us