Property Maintenance for Landlords

photo of "For Rent" sign in front of a home

Landlords and tenants are responsible for maintaining safe, clean, and attractive properties.

What are My Responsibilities as a Landlord?

In most cases the property owner is financially responsible for all Code Compliance fines, even when if the violation is caused by the tenant.

  • Landlord responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Ensuring the residence/unit is fit to live in (habitable)
  • Clean and sanitary buildings
  • Grounds which are free from debris, filth, rubbish, garbage, rodents and vermin
  • Properly working plumbing (such as toilets, wash basins, tub/shower and hot/cold water), gas, heating, electrical systems and smoke detectors
  • Proper connection to a sewage disposal system
  • Trash receptacles in good working order
  • Weather protection, including no broken doors or windows
  • Floors, stairways, and railings in good repair
  • Other repairs as determined by the rental agreement

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