Parks & Recreation Month
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With 37 Parks and over half a dozen activities going on in July, there are so many reasons to love Rocklin parks and recreation facilities. The month of July is officially Parks & Recreation month in Rocklin. Check out these events, destinations and suggestions in July!



Picnic, Adventure, Community Market, Summer Reading, and Family-Friendly Film!

  • 34 Parks have Picnic Tables 
  • 3 Rental Picnic Pavilions at Johnson Springview, Margaret Azevedo, and Whitney Park
  • Quarry Park Adventures is open by reservation



Bridge, Rocks, Orchard, Sunrises!


Serene Trail around Quinn Quarry
This old granite quarry is now filled with water and provides a beautiful place to take a walk. Enjoy the serenity, waterfall, picnic tables, and old artifacts from it’s younger days.
Location: Quarry Park 4000 Rocklin Rd, Rocklin, CA 95677

Granite Bridge at Clover Valley
The largest of the twelve granite bridges on the road that connected Joel Parker Whitney’s Spring Valley Ranch with downtown Rocklin.
Location: Clover Valley Park 4298 Clover Valley Rd, Rocklin, CA 95677
Located at the corner of Midas and Clover Valley Rd.

Rock History at Deer Creek
The Deer Creek Park site includes a myriad of boulders tucked inside a grove of oak trees, and features a large quarry, and may have been Rocklin’s first quarry opened in 1861. Stone from the Quarry was used in construction work on the Southern (then Central) Pacific Railroad and also helped to construct the State Capitol at Sacramento.
Location: Deer Creek 5464 Pacific St, Rocklin, CA 95677

Orchard at Peter Hill Heritage Park
The park consists of a beautiful orchard, Train Roundhouse replica, St. Mary’s chapel, and Historic Fire House. Peter Hill Heritage Park is located on either side of Rocklin Road at Front Street.
Location: Peter Hill Heritage Park, 5251 Front Street, Rocklin, CA 95677

Sunrise at Boulder Ridge and Clarke Dominguez Parks

Boulder Ridge Park
Best sunrise views are near the large oaktrees by the field
Best sunset views are on the other side of the water reservoir, past the playground.
Location: Boulder Ridge Park  3555 Park Dr, Rocklin, CA 95765

Clarke Dominguez Park
Best sunrise views are at the top of the hill, behind the playground.  
Location: Clarke Dominguez Park 3098 Crest Dr, Rocklin, CA 95765

Sunset at Joe Hernandez Park

Joe Hernandez Park
Best sunset views are at the picnic tables and on the playground.
Location: Joe Hernandez Park  6901 Ballantrae Way, Rocklin, CA 95677



Fun Outdoor Activities for the Entire Family!

Water Splash Pads: Kathy Lund Park, Whitney Park, and Johnson-Springview Park
Playgrounds: 33/37 parks have playgrounds
Open Turf: 29/37 parks have open turf  
Sport Courts: 18/37 parks have courts

For more details about specific parks, check out Find a Park



Hiking, Walking, or Biking, – Destined to the Trails! 

The City has approved the Trails Master Plan and is in the process of implementing it. For more details on the plan, click here.

Check out our interactive Bike Trails and Corridors map.



New Parks, Preserve, and Restoration.

The City of Rocklin has 37 parks to enjoy nature’s splendor!

  • Bring a picnic
  • Meditate and relax
  • Read a book under a tree
  • Fly a kite

Explore the rich history.



Sports and Activities in the Parks!



  • Skate Park: Johnson-Springview
  • Hockey Rink: Johnson-Springview
  • Dog Park: Small Agility course at Johnson-Springview
  • Historic Site Tour: Throughout the Rocklin Community
  • Splash Pads: Kathy Lund, Whitney, and Johnson-Springview Park


  • Volleyball: Johnson-Springview, Ruhkala Park
  • Tennis: Johnson-Springview, Twin Oaks Park
  • Pickelball: Johnson-Springview
  • Basketball Full Courts: Ruhkala Park, Sierra Meadows Park,
    Woodside Park, Johnson-Springview, & Twin Oaks Park


  • Softball Fields:  Kathy Lund, Whitney,  Johnson-Springview
  • Baseball Fields: Kathy Lund, Whitney, Johnson-Springview, Twin Oaks(Youth)


  • Disc Golf Course:   Johnson-Springview
  • Cross Country Track:  Johnson-Springview


July is full of fun days worth celebrating!

June 30 & July 1: Celebrate America
July 4 : Independence Day
July 6 : National Hop-A-Park Day
July 7 : National Father Daughter Take A Walk Day
July 21 : National Ice Cream Day
July 28 : National Waterpark Day


About Parks & Recreation Month

Since 1985, Americans have celebrated Park and Recreation Month in July to promote the importance of parks and recreation in health and wellness, conservation and social equity, and to recognize the thousands of park and recreation employees that maintain our nation’s local, state and community parks.
It’s We Are Parks & Recreation at your local parks and recreation center! We’re celebrating Park and Recreation Month with the National Recreation and Park Association by we want to highlight the diversity of park and recreation professionals and showcase their selfless work.

The services that park and recreation professionals provide are vital for our communities — from protecting open space and natural resources, to helping fight obesity and providing activities and resources for all people. This has been especially true throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Park and Recreation Month encourages everyone to reflect on the exponential value park and recreation professionals bring to communities.



Name: Kevin Huntzinger
Work Title: Parks and Recreation Director
What are some of your responsibilities? Manage operations of venue rentals, special events, classes, field rentals, MOU facility and field rentals, recreation programs, and field rentals.
What do you love most about your job? Seeing how all of our hard work affects our citizen’s lives in a positive way.  
What was your favorite recreational activity growing up? Loved (and still do) waterskiing, hunting, and anything else outdoors.  

Name: Armand Marquis
Work Title: Park Trades Worker
What are some of your responsibilities? Some of the many responsibilities I have as a park trades worker include acquiring all supplies for all projects we do and to provide training for everyone assigned to my crew. We perform many tasks and work on many projects such as installing shade structures, fencing, drinking fountains, playground equipment, trimming trees, and assist the irrigation crew as needed to name a few. We also keep our playgrounds safe by inspecting them regularly and making all necessary repairs as needed.
Why is this work important to you? My work as a park maintenance worker is important to me because I love to see our parks clean, safe and well maintained. Parks provide a healthy and fun place for families to spend quality time playing their favorite sports, jogging, walking their pets or doing whatever it is they enjoy doing for recreation.

Name: Chris Meyer
Work Title: Recreation Supervisor
What are some of your responsibilities? Coordinating youth and adult sports and field rentals.
What do you love most about your job? Working to fill our parks with great sports and special events opportunities for our residents.
What was your favorite recreational activity growing up? Riding my bike and playing baseball. 

Name: Basilio Lira 
Work Title: Park Service Worker
What is your favorite park? My favorite park is Boulder Ridge because on a clear day you can see the Sutter Buttes and beyond. It’s a 360 degree panorama.
What is your favorite part of the job? My favorite part of my job is the variety of projects and tasks we do and the opportunity to meet with many of the Rocklin residents in our parks that we maintain.

Name: Monica Nitz
Work Title: Senior Department Administrative Specialist
What are some of your responsibilities? I’m involved in a wide range of projects for the department but some of my main projects are assisting with event coordination, such as the Rocklin Mini Maker Faire and the concert season at Quarry Park. I also oversee marketing for all of the programs that Parks & Recreation manages, such as sports programs, venue rentals, classes, parks, and events.
What do you love most about your job? What I love most about my job is how flexible and open it is that I get the opportunity to work on so many different projects. It helps to keep me continuously learning about all of things the city works on and is involved in.
What was your favorite recreational activity growing up? I grew up riding my bike with my dad and siblings and have fond memories of that. Riding to parks to play on the playgrounds or bringing our bikes on camping trips were a staple of my childhood. I still ride to this day!


Shared experiences at Rocklin Parks.

What is your favorite Rocklin park and why?

“My favorite park is the neighborhood park close to my home: Brigham and Hawes Park.  It has a nice playground set, basketball hoop, huge covered picnic area, and a field large enough to play frisbee or throw passes with my kids.  But the best feature is it overlooks a greenbelt between Rocklin and Lincoln – it is just a nice place to go and hang out with the family.”   - Joe Patterson, City of Rocklin, Council Member

It is difficult to choose a favorite from our more than thirty parks in Rocklin.  Each of our parks has something special to offer and I’ve spent time with my family in each one.  If I have to choose one, I would choose Kathy Lund Park.  I have so many great memories from more than 10 years of coaching softball with the Rocklin Girls Fast Pitch Softball League and soccer with the Rocklin Youth Soccer Club at Kathy Lund Park.  Whether we were at the fields at 6:00 am prepping them for the days games, competing for the end of season tournament championship, practicing for our upcoming softball or soccer game or hosting the 6U Division fun games, Kathy Lund Park has offered my family and many others in Rocklin a lifetime of wonderful memories.”  - Ken Broadway, City of Rocklin, Vice Mayor

My favorite park is Twin Oaks Park.  It is very close to my home and over the years our family has grown up utilizing a wide variety of activities offered there.  Now that the children are young adults and on their own, my husband and I still walk the dog and get our exercise walking all around the park.”   - Nancy Hartwell, City of Rocklin, Parks, Recreation & Art Commission Chair

“My favorite memories are from Johnson Spring View Park..this was always a gathering place as Rocklin and our family grew…many memories of fundraisers, picnics, where the parades stopped, Jubilees, fireworks and just plain fun. Loved walking the open space in the back and picked up many an acorn to be grown for our oak tree preservation areas. “ – Chris Anderson, City of Rocklin, Parks, Recreation & Arts Commissioner

“All the parks are beautiful locations and I enjoy attending events at any of the locations. Seeing our community enjoying themselves at the Kathy Lund Park, picnicking, playing games and running through the water park is an enjoyable sight.” - Twiana Armstrong-Bryant, City of Rocklin, Parks, Recreation and Arts Commissioner

What is your favorite memory that took place in a Rocklin park?

My son is not quite old enough to play baseball yet – so earlier this year the two of us walked over to Whitney Park to watch some Rocklin Pony Baseball.  We walked from our house all the way to the park, sat down in the bleachers with our gloves, and ate some snacks from the snack bar.  It was the first time he saw a live baseball game so we had a great time watching the big kids.  He had a billion questions… It is hard to explain to a 3.5 year old why someone is stealing a base!  It was a great dad-son bonding experience.”   - Joe Patterson, City of Rocklin Council Member

My favorite memory is that I met my husband at Twin Oaks park.  I also have lots of other great memories over the years: birthday parties for the kids when they were little; soccer games; sports camps; baseball games on beautiful spring evenings, pizza from the snack bar, fireworks shows and walks in the cool morning.”  - Nancy Hartwell, City of Rocklin, Parks, Recreation & Art Commission Chair

“My favorite memory at Kathy Lund Park is the weekend the community spent planting trees during the opening of the parks second phase.  I was amazed by the number of families that came out to the help as well as by the number of trees we planted.  Additionally, I now enjoy every minute of shade the trees provide when I’m out at the park watching a softball or soccer game.” - Ken Broadway, City of Rocklin Vice Mayor

“My “go to park” is the Corral-Alva neighborhood Park which is closest to my house. The park has a wooded setting, playground equipment and a walking/bike path around the outer edge.  I love taking the grand kids as they play on the structures, swing and end up going around and around on the pathways.  The park offers shade and tables too.  Just a great place for an outing!” – Chris Anderson, City of Rocklin, Parks, Recreation & Arts Commissioner

“I have fond memories of playing with my now 17 year old daughter at Twin Oaks Parks.” -  Twiana Armstrong-Bryant, City of Rocklin, Parks, Recreation and Arts Commissioner


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This is Where We Park is adapted by California Park & Recreation Society’s July celebration of Parks Makes Life Better and the National Recreation & Parks Association’s celebration of We are Parks & Rec.