Concrete Coverage Limits


Residents planning landscaping renovations should be aware of new concrete coverage guidelines that cap the use of impermeable surfaces in front yards at 60% for new installation or construction.

Impermeable surfaces are any materials that prevent water from permeating into the ground. Think concrete, asphalt, brick, and other products that form an impenetrable barrier between the topmost layer on the ground and the soil beneath.

The other 40% of ground coverage must be permeable surfaces, like grass, soil, and landscaping. Rocks and similar materials like crushed granite are acceptable.

The rule only affects homes with lot sizes over 5,000 square feet. A property owner can also submit an exemption application to the Community Development Department if they have special circumstances regarding shape, size, topography, or other unique conditions of their front yard.

Capping concrete coverage helps prevent excessive vehicle parking on private property and also aids storm water management and with the absorption of groundwater.

No permit is required for concrete installation in Rocklin, but the City recommends checking with the Planning Dept. at or (916) 625-5166 before work begins.

Projects installed after July 7, 2019, that are determined by the City to not meet ordinance requirements will be subject to modification or removal at the owner’s expense.

Read the full ordinance on impermeable surfaces