Request & Approval of Ceremonial Document


How to Request a Ceremonial Document

Submit a written request to the attention of the Mayor on the standard application. Requests will be administered by the City Manager’s Office and the City Clerk Department and approved by the Mayor. Submitting a draft of the document desired will often expedite the process.

You may submit your request using our online form below.

Ceremonial Documents Request Form

About the Approval Process

All requests will go through an internal review and approval process. Requests for resolutions will be reviewed and placed on the City Council agenda by the Office of the City Manager. If approved, they will be prepared by City staff for signature of all councilmembers.

The Mayor and the City Manager’s Office reserves the right to determine the type of document to be issued based on the information provided by the requesting individual and/or organization. In some instances the request to be placed on an agenda will be denied. When this happens, the requesting party is notified and is advised that they have the option of making the request before the City Council under Citizens Addressing the Council portion of the agenda.

Ceremonial Documents Request

Please provide a brief history of the organization or a biographical outline of the person, and any other pertinent information including an address for the letter.

Please provide a brief history of the organization or a description of the purpose, goals, motto or theme of the event.  If funds are to be raised, who will benefit from the event, and what will take place during the celebration/recognition.

Please provide a summary of the achievement or an overview of the years of service or specific contribution to the community.  For donations, contributions or volunteer efforts, the name of the specific event or project, amount raised or donated, number of volunteer hours, including names of individuals or groups participating in the event.


The City of Rocklin will consider a request for a proclamation, letter or certificate of appreciation, or resolution of appreciation or commendation from any group or individual, as long as the request has a significant connection to the City and its adopted goals and policies and/or promotes activities taking place in the City of Rocklin. All requests go through an internal review process. Submitting a draft or background information will expedite the process.Documents will remain with the City Clerk’s department for thirty (30) days. After thirty (30) days, the document will be destroyed.