Quiet Zone Possible Violation Form


These reports are disseminated to and reviewed by various Railroad Managers, City Staff, and the Federal Railroad Administration; so please keep your comments to the subject and refrain from making personal comments defaming train crews, railroad employees or other individuals.

Train crews are qualified and federally certified individuals who take their jobs very seriously. They do not blow the horn for pleasure or to purposely disturb anyone. They use the horn for a safety warning or when mandated by law. Train horns are a train borne warning device and are not disabled in Quiet Zone areas.

In reporting a train horn violation within the Rocklin Quiet Zones, it is important to provide as much as information as possible.

  • Report must be timely; within 24 hours of occurrence
  • Your safety and the safety of train crews is paramount; do not enter the railroad’s private property to obtain any information
  • Incidents may not be investigated unless they have been reported by three or more separate residents

You may hear the train horn at any time, so if you are unable to provide all the information requested below, we will still log your concerns. The information will be kept on file with the City and forwarded to both the appropriate Railroad and the Federal Railroad Administration with a request to take action. 

We appreciate the information, however you will only be contacted if we need additional information.

Your Information
Violation Information

List the names of all people who witnessed the violation