Programs & Services


Business Crime Prevention/Crime Alert Newsletter

The Rocklin Police Department sends out a monthly newsletter to the business community. If you would like to receive this newsletter, contact us at (916) 625-5400.

Business Crime Watch

Businesses in the same area can form a Business Crime Watch to work together to prevent and reduce crime. Periodic meetings can be held to address common issues and problems, improve communication, exchange information, learn about different crime prevention topics etc.

Business Security Inspection

A Crime Prevention Specialist will inspect your business and prepare a detailed written security assessment. The inspection is designed to reduce burglary, robbery, shoplifting, internal theft and vandalism.

Emergency Contact Information

The Rocklin Police Department believes that crime prevention plays an important role in running a business that is safe for employees and customers, profitable for owners and management, and aesthetically appealing and inviting to the community. The  Emergency Contact Information Form supplies the Police with important information to protect your business.

Check Print Program

In order to deter check fraud and forgery and to assist law enforcement in apprehending and prosecuting people that commit check related crimes, the Police Department recommends that businesses obtain a thumbprint from people who write personal checks to pay for merchandise or services rendered. The Check Print Program provides businesses with special forms, identification requirements and guidelines, and one inkpad to obtain thumbprints.

Robbery Prevention and Response Training

A Crime Prevention Specialist will meet with management and employees to discuss ways to reduce the likelihood of a robbery, and address how to respond if a robbery should occur.

Shoplifting Prevention Presentation

A Crime Prevention Specialist will discuss ways to deter shoplifting, legal and safety issues concerning shoplifting arrests, and typical shoplifting profiles, characteristics and methodology.

Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Presentation

A Crime Prevention Specialist will offer insight into recognizing potential workplace violence perpetrators and situations, and enacting policies and procedures to reduce and respond to workplace violence.