Online Solar Permitting
Solar APP+


As a new option, for projects that meet minimum requirements, licensed contractors may complete an application first using SolarAPP+ in lieu of submitting construction plans and other required supplemental technical documentation to the Permit Center.

Projects must follow requirements outlined in the Eligibility Checklist to use SolarAPP+. The Eligibility Checklists can be found here.

At this time, owner-builder or projects that included Energy Storage Systems are not eligible for SolarAPP+.

SolarAPP+, short for Solar Automated Permit Processing, is an online web portal that automates the plan review process for permits to qualified businesses or individuals to install code-compliant residential photovoltaic (PV) systems. Based on model building, electrical, and fire codes, SolarAPP automatically performs a compliance check based on inputs supplied by the contractor to ensure the proposed system is safe and code compliant. Installation practices, workmanship, and adherence to the approved design are then verified by the AHJ through the inspection process.

To get started on SolarAPP+, click here. Please note that SolarAPP+ is an additional $25.00 paid directly to SolarAPP+.

For SolarAPP+ FAQs, click here.

Once an approval is received from SolarAPP+, a permit application shall be submitted online via eTRAKiT or at the Permit Center. City of Rocklin permit fees and inspections shall apply.

Step 1: Create an Account with Solar APP+

In order to use Solar APP+, you will need to register for an account. More information about the process can be found on the Solar APP+ website here.

Step 2: Submit Plans Through Solar APP+

You can find out how to use the Solar APP+ system by clicking here. There are also free trainings available through the Interstate Renewable Energy Council here.

Step 3: Pay Solar APP+ Fee

If you use Solar APP+, you must pay a $25 administrative fee directly to Solar APP+. The City of Rocklin does not collect or receive this fee. Using the Solar APP+ automatic plan review system is optional, but if you use the system you must pay the fee. You can still submit plans directly to the City of Rocklin if you do not want to pay this additional fee.

Step 4: Plan Approval & Submission to City of Rocklin

The Solar APP+ system will review the plans and issue an approval (for more information about that process, see the help guides here) Once Solar APP approves the plans, you will upload them to the City of Rocklin’s eTRAKiT system.

Step 5: Fees And Permit Issuance

eTRAKiT will collect fees for the City of Rocklin and issue the permit for installation

Step 6: Inspections

Once eTRAKiT issues your permit, you can install the PV panels and schedule your inspection. You can schedule an inspection through eTRAKiT or by calling the City of Rocklin Building Division at (916) 625-5120.


Please note: Every project is different and the process may vary slightly. The information provided is for general reference only.