Northwest Rocklin General Development Plan


The documents below include the most recently adopted General Development Plan (GDP) for the Northwest Rocklin area.

About These Documents

Refer to the Official City Zoning Map for current zoning districts in Northwest Rocklin.

In addition to the General Development Plan (i.e., zoning conditions and development standards) this page also provides related documents that pertain to future development within Northwest Rocklin. Associated documents include Design Guidelines (applicable to all development within Northwest Rocklin) and Development Agreements (pertaining specifically to land within the Sunset Ranchos/Whitney Ranch Planning Area).

Separate Component Available Online
The Northwest Rocklin Annexation Area Public Facilities Financing and Phasing Plan is also available separately on the website.

Hard Copy Document Purchases
Hard copies of both the North West Rocklin GDP and the Finance Plan are available for review at the Planning Division and may be purchased at City cost for reproduction. Please allow approximately 3 to 5 business days to complete reproduction upon City receipt of a check for the document cost.

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