Guiding Principles


The City Council has tasked the Parks, Recreation and Arts Commission with soliciting ideas and feedback from the community regarding the Sunset Whitney Recreation Area.  This includes potential uses, amenities, priorities, funding sources and partnerships. 

Below are the Commission-adopted  Guiding Principles and Objectives for the Sunset Whitney Recreation Area. These principles and objectives will set priorities and provide a framework for how community outreach will take place.  

Guiding Principles for Community Outreach

Guiding Principles

  • The Sunset Whitney Golf Course property will serve as an asset for the entire Rocklin community.  Therefore, input should be sought from all Rocklin citizens and groups and should represent a variety of age groups and interests.
  • The Commission shall collect and evaluate community input and make recommendations to the City Council.
  • Similar to city parks, residents that border the property are more directly impacted by the condition and use of the property.  This should be taken into consideration and acknowledged, and a balance sought between the needs of these unique stakeholders and the greater community.
  • Input on all aspects of the property should be sought including the type of amenity desired, potential short and long-term uses, level of maintenance and potential funding sources.
  • Recommendations shall include consideration of one-time and ongoing funding needs, the identification of potential funding sources, identification of potential impacts to other city programs, services or personnel, consideration of the number of people or groups that will benefit, compatibility and potential partners.
  • Recommendations shall take into consideration how they serve to further city’s adopted goals and objectives including the General Plan, Citywide Strategic Plan, Parks and Trails Master Plan, Trails Strategy and Action Plan and other applicable documents.
  • Input shall be obtained through a variety of manners including, surveys, workshops, social media and other public forums.
  • Input and suggestions received should be considered informational and evaluated on its own merit as well considering compatibility and affect with other existed or planned elements.  Partnerships or other synergistic opportunities should be sought where possible.
  • It is acknowledged that some desired amenities may not be feasible or advisable due to a variety of issues including funding constraints, compatibility, lack of broad interest or other circumstances.


  • Provide short-term recommendations to council for those items that can be implemented short-term, but also gather data and information with the goal of preparing a master plan in the future.
  • Develop a plan for outreach to include gathering input on use, amenities, priorities, funding, volunteer interest and other related matters.
  • Research and vet ideas which commission believes have merit and prepare recommendations to City Council.
  • Receive public input on recommendations.
  • Develop a work plan that includes timeframes for short and long-term objectives.