Is food allowed?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food and drink. Glass products not allowed. No food or drink in the water or around the immediate perimeter of the pools. Pre-packaged snacks, candy and drinks will be for sale at the front desk. Alcohol is not permitted.

What type of floatation devices can I bring?

Lifejackets and other personal floatation devices that are attached to your person. Arm floaties are not permitted.

Can I bring inner tubes or pool noodles?

No, unfortunately we do not allow inner tubes or pool noodles.

Can I bring a beach ball?

We not allow any projectile objects such as beach balls, frisbees, etc.

Are training swim boards allowed?

Unfortunately, they are not.

Goggles allowed?

Yes, goggles that cover the eyes or cover the eyes and nose are allowed. Snorkel gear is not permitted, including flippers.

Water/swim diapers?

Any child that is not potty trained or currently wears a diaper will need a swim diaper when in the water.

Does a parent need to be in the water with kids at all times or can they supervise from the side?

Any child that cannot swim unassisted will need a parent within reach.

I have a service animal, are they allowed?

In facility, yes they are permitted, but not in the water. It is your responsibility to securely watch the animal or have someone watch the animal when in the water.

Are personal speakers allowed?

For safety reasons, the city will only be allowed to have amplified sound. Personal speakers will not be allowed.

Health and Safety – Diarrhea

If you’re currently experiencing or have experienced diarrhea within the past 14 days, please do not enter the pool area.  

Contact Info?

You can call our Parks & Rec front office at 916-625-5200 or email us at