Above Ground Swimming Pools
Over 5,000 Gallons

photo of mom & child in above-ground pool

Before beginning your project, there are steps to take to make sure your project will be in compliance with State and local regulations regarding land and construction.

Step 1: Determine Special Development Conditions

Before determining if a permit is required for my project, are there any State requirements or City of Rocklin special development conditions that I need to know about?

Yes. The installation shall meet the California requirements for safety barriers from the house to the spa. Please see the Pool Regulations page for more details. You should also determine if there are any special development conditions for your project. Please contact the Building Division at (916) 625-5120 for general information. In addition, you should also determine if there are any CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) or other deed restrictions for your subdivision and/or property. You may want to contact your homeowner’s association for more information. In some cases, you may need to contact individual divisions. Once you have determined the applicable conditions for your project, you will need to determine if a building permit is required for your project.

Step 2: Determine If Permit Is Required

Is a building permit required for an above pool that is over 5,000 Gallons?

Yes, a building permit is required for all above ground pools over 5,000 gallons. Once your application, supporting documents, and plans are submitted, they are reviewed by staff to ensure that the pool meets minimum life safety requirements and the project is in compliance with the City of Rocklin zoning ordinance and development standards.

What plans and forms do I need to submit to the City of Rocklin Building Division?

The following forms are provided for your convenience. Original signatures are required to obtain a permit. Please do not fax.

Where do I submit my forms and plans? 

Building Division
Administration Building, 1st Floor
3970 Rocklin Road
Rocklin, CA 95677

When the forms and plans are submitted, will a plan check deposit be required?

Prior to May 1, 2011 a deposit will not be required. Effective May 1, 2011, a plan check deposit will be required at the time of submittal.

Plan Check Deposit Schedule

Step 3: Project Review

After I submit my plans, what happens next?

At the time of submittal, the project will be assigned a tracking number (plan check number) that will be used to track the progress of the plans and plan review. The plans will then be distributed by Building staff to the necessary City departments for their review and comment. Upon receipt of the plans, each department will assign a qualified staff member to the project. Each department’s staff member will perform an independent review of your project and forward their comments to the person designated on the Project Contact Information Sheet. The contact person is responsible for addressing each department’s comments and resubmitting revised plans, as needed. This step will continue until each department’s comments have been adequately addressed.

Step 4: Project Approval

After the plans are approved by all required City departments, what is the next step?

Once all reviewing departments approve the project they will notify the Building Division of their approval. At this time final fees due will be calculated and the project paperwork will be prepared for permit issuance. Once the fees are calculated and the paperwork is ready, the project contact person will be notified.

Step 5: Fees and Permit Issuance

Once I pay the fees, will my permit be issued and can I start my pool construction at this time?

Yes. Once your plans are approved and all permit fees are paid, the building permit will be issued. After the permit is issued, you may begin the construction of your project.

Step 6: Building Inspections

Once my permit is issued and the construction begins, should I request inspections from the City of Rocklin Building Division?

Yes. Inspections that follow the issuance of the permit are provided to ensure that work completed on your project meets current building health and safety codes and standards. To learn how to schedule an inspection, please visit our Residential Building Inspection page.

Step 7: Project Completion

Once my project passes its final inspection, is there anything else I need to do?

No. After your project passes the final inspection, your project will be considered complete. 

Related Forms, Handouts, and ResourcesSome of the following documents are provided in PDF Format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to open these documents.

Please note: Every project is different and the process may vary slightly. The information provided is for general reference only.