Sunset Whitney Recreation Area Updates
What's been happening at the SWRA?

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Check out the most recent progress happening at Sunset Whitney Recreation Area.

  • The ponds have been cleaned out and a new float system has been installed to regulate water levels.
  • Over 120 trees have been planted along the main entrance off of Midas thanks to the Helping Hands SWRA Beautification Project that happened back in April. 
  • In the process of leveling out sand traps – leveling allows for mobility of the mower in these areas.
  • Continuous work on trail repair which includes filling in potholes and leveling out eroded areas.
  • Goats were used to weed abate the hard-to-reach areas throughout the park.
  • Debris removal in area facing Sunset is completed. This area received hydro-seed for erosion control.
  • Reconstruction of bridge heading towards Sunset completed.
  • A turf renovation project is underway along Midas Ave. to recreate the natural area which was a community attraction for picture taking. Parks staff are hard at work trenching and installing irrigation, in preparation to sterilize the ground to properly hydro seed this area.  

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Please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (916)625-5200 with any additional questions.