Urgency Ordinance Extends Land Use Entitlements


COVID-19 has presented major challenges to all aspects of business, and land development is no exception. On May 26, City Council unanimously approved an ordinance granting a one year time extension for certain land use entitlements.

The extension provides a layer of protection to landowners, developers, and the local economy in general, from additional potential losses by preserving development opportunities.

“I appreciate the staff taking this step and doing it proactively to avoid a lot of chaos for property owners in town,” Councilmember Bill Halldin said from the dais. The other councilmembers agreed.

This extension will protect several projects such as the Tractor Supply and Stanford Ranch Storage project that would have otherwise expired in the next year.  It will also assist all currently entitled projects by providing them additional time to adapt to disruptions caused by the coronavirus and proceed with development.

View the ordinance and read more here