Policy Support


Urgency Ordinance Extends Land Use Entitlements

COVID-19 has presented major challenges to all aspects of business, and land development is no exception. On May 26, City Council unanimously approved an ordinance granting a one year time extension for certain land use entitlements.

The extension provides a layer of protection to landowners, developers, and the local economy in general, from additional potential losses by preserving development opportunities.


Rocklin Relaxes Sign Ordinance, Implements Additional Business Support

The City of Rocklin understands businesses large and small are fighting for their livelihood’s as coronavirus-related restrictions continue to batter the economy.  To offer assistance, the Rocklin City Council on May 12 approved a program designed to offer businesses temporary relief from some City regulations and fees.

With Placer County and Rocklin receiving special clearance by the state allowing retail, restaurants, some offices, and other industries to reopen with restrictions, the program can offer those preparing to reopen more flexibility, and save money for those awaiting clearance.

Business support efforts (through August 31, 2020) include:

  • Temporary advertising and promotional signs are now allowed without a permit. Signs must still be kept on the business’ property, not impede the public right-of-way, or present a safety hazard.
  • Modification of outdoor dining standards to assist restaurants in serving customers comfortably and safely. Details and an online application can be found here
  • Flexibility regarding late payment of business license taxes. Interested businesses should contact the City Finance department for details at (916) 625-5020.
  • Waiver of fire safety inspection fees.