Rocklin Police Reminds Residents to “Take it. Lock it. Or Lose it.”
Prevent Theft from Vehicles


Theft from vehicles is one of the most common crimes in the City of Rocklin, with an average of more than one incident occurring each day. The majority of these types of thefts are from unlocked cars!

Rocklin has been recognized numerous times as one of the safest cities in California with low crime rates and proactive resident involvement. However, the sense of safety that has been built in the community sometimes leads to complacency and crimes that could be prevented.

The Rocklin Police Department reminds residents they are important partners in the fight against crime and theft from vehicles can often be prevented with a few simple actions.

Remember, “Take it. Lock it. Or lose it.”

  • Take it – Do not leave belongings in your vehicle. Laptops, iPads, backpacks and purses are prime targets, but even smaller items such as sunglasses or loose change can invite break-ins.
  • Lock it – Always lock doors and roll up windows when leaving your vehicle unattended. A car alarm is recommended.
  • Or Lose it – Thefts from vehicles are one of the most common crimes in the City and are preventable. Don’t be a victim!

If you experience a theft from your locked or unlocked vehicle, please report it to the Rocklin PD non-emergency number at (916) 625-5400. Descriptions of suspicious activity, people, or vehicles connected to the activity can be helpful in catching thieves. Rocklin PD utilizes the information to conduct targeted enforcement based on information received from the public.

For more information on how to not become the target of thieves, visit