June 22 City Council Meeting Recap
FY 21-22 Budget, Five Year CIP, PCWA Dry Year Efforts


Rocklin Adopts Balanced FY 2021-2022 Budget

The Rocklin City Council adopted a balanced Fiscal Year 2021-2022 budget on Tuesday, June 22, with $78,399,200 for operations and $13,540,900 for capital expenditures. Residents can view the full budget here.

The City of Rocklin remains fiscally sound due to prudent and conservative planning by the present and past City Councils and expert staff. The revenue outlook is generally positive, with anticipated increases in property tax revenues and a steady increase in sales tax. However, the City is experiencing increased operational costs, and a gradual slowing of residential development. At present, commercial development remains stable.

Read more about the FY 21-22 budget and funded projects.

Road, Facility and Equipment Upgrades Included in Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan

The 2022-2026 City of Rocklin Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) outlines projects and priorities for the next five years to ensure that City roads, buildings and equipment are able to serve the needs residents, businesses and staff.

The plan includes ongoing funded projects such as annual road resurfacing on major thoroughfares in Rocklin, Americans with Disabilities Act transition plans improvements like curb and sidewalk upgrades, and stormwater pipe replacements.

The CIP also includes newly funded projects including the SWRA East Trails Phase I restoration, which will repair and open 0.75 miles of walkway on the property, and unfunded projects that may be a future priority for the City such as a fire dept. training tower or additional parking lots at City parks.

City vehicle purchases for departments including police, fire, and public services are also included in this plan.

Read the council item and full CIP here.

Placer County Water Agency Dry Year Efforts

Drought conditions are worsening across California and Placer County is no exception.

With the exceptionally dry year and lack of snow melt runoff from the Sierras, Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) presented to the Rocklin City Council on their current activities and recommendations for residents.

PCWA is increasing paid advertising to raise awareness of the drought and what residents and customers can do to conserve water use, both inside and outside. PCWA is also implanting a new program to promote waterwise/firewise landscaping, which can increase watering efficiency as well as improve the fire safety of the community.

Below are 8 tips offered to residents to increase their water use efficiency.

  1. Stress your lawn and save your trees
  2. Check soil moisture before turning on sprinklers
  3. Replace older sprinklers with more efficient nozzles
  4. Upgrade to WaterSense-labeled weather-based sprinkler timer
  5. Water plants early in the morning to reduce evaporation
  6. Inside your home, check and fix leaks
  7. Mulch 2-3”
  8. Adjust sprinklers to prevent overspray

For more information, visit pcwa.net.


Find the full June 22 City Council meeting agenda here.