Feb. 14 City Council Recap
Management Practices; SWRA Master Plan; Emergency Repairs


Key management Practices Update

Deputy Director of Administrative Services, Daniel Choe, shared a presentation on proposed changes to the City’s Key Management Practices. The Key Management Practices (KMPs) were established to guide budget development including the implementation of certain reserve funds. Reserves are an important tool for managing fiscal sustainability and enable the City to avoid counterproductive tax increases or service cuts. The current KMPs enable annual allocations to reserve funds and the proposed changes will allow staff to improve the current reserve policy in an effort to ensure fund allocations are appropriate for the City of Rocklin. Identified changes are consistent with the Government Finance Officers Association best practices to set a target level of reserves.  

Council reviewed the proposed changes to the Key Management Practices, and provided feedback. Proposed reserve policy changes include removing the minimum and maximum target levels for various reserve funds, such as the building and economic reserve.

For more information on the Key Management Practices, please visit the City Council agendas and minutes webpage.


Sunset Whitney Recreation Area Proposed Master Plan

City Council received a presentation from the Parks & Recreation Director Kevin Huntzinger, and representatives from Melton Design Group on the proposed master plan for the Sunrise Whitney Recreation Area (SWRA). The 184-acre unused land, formally the Rocklin Golf Club, was purchased by the City in 2018. On April 26, 2022, City Council approved the master plan contract with Melton Design Group for SWRA in order to ensure the area is developed appropriately.

The master plan laid out a four phased approach to the development of SWRA. The first phase of development will focus on an area identified as the Hub. This area includes various amenities identified by staff and the community as priority, such as a play structure, restrooms, pickleball courts, shaded seating, and more. Also included in the SWRA master plan is the Sunset Boulevard Park, which will be a smaller park with play structures and shaded seating. The Council recommended including the veteran’s memorial in the first phase of development, and supported the master plan.

Staff will continue to engage Council in the development process and encourage public participation. For more information on the SWRA master plan, click here. 

Tanus Circle Emergency Repairs

Recent heavy storms inundated an eight-inch perforated plastic storm drainpipe with large amounts of water on Tanus Circle, near Southside Ranch Road. Water saturated the surrounding soil, causing road erosion, and created a void underneath the pavement that was approximately 4 foot by 5 foot. This void created unsafe road conditions, thus requiring emergency repairs. This sudden and unexpected occurrence posed imminent danger and requires immediate action. City Manager, Aly Zimmerman, authorized the prompt repairs be made to Tanus Circle. Public Services staff completed restoration repairs on February 10, 2023.