Abandoned Cart Prevention Plan

1. Identification

Email address of Responsible Party

If different than responsible party.

Email address of Onsite Contact

2. Cart Inventory

Please indicate the total number of carts maintained on the premises.

3. Notice to Customers

The owner/responsible party of any retail establishment furnishing a parking area and shopping carts or laundry carts shall post prominently  at all entrances to the retail establishment, a notice in substantially the following form:


Please indicate your procedure for providing notification to customers that removal of carts from the premises is prohibited. Notices must be posted in conspicuous areas to be made visible to customers.  

All signs must comply with Chapter 17.75 (Signs On Private Property) of the Rocklin Municipal Code.

4. Cart Identification

Every cart owned or provided by any business in the City of Rocklin must be marked and identified conspicuously with the name, address, and telephone number of the owner. Such identification shall be in the form of a metal or plastic tag or plate securely fastened to the cart or standing on the frame of the cart or by etched branding on the side or front of the cart.

Please describe how the carts are marked and identified and indicate the language used in the identification:

5. Physical Measures

Specific physical measures shall be implemented to prevent or minimize the opportunity for cart removal from the business premises. These measures may include, but are not limited to, disabling devices on all carts, posting of a security guard to deter and stop customers who attempt to remove carts from the business premises, allowing no carts outside the building of the business unless in the company of an employee, bollards and chains around business premises to prevent cart removal, security deposits required for use of all carts, or the rental or sale of carts that can be temporarily or permanently used for the transport of purchases.  Any facility modifications (e.g., bollards and chains) must be approved by the Rocklin Economic and Community Development Department prior to installation.

Please describe in detail in the space below the specific physical measures that will be implemented to prevent cart removal from the premises.  Please attach more pages to this form if necessary.

6. Abandoned Cart Retrieval

Please provide a description of the procedure for retrieval of abandoned carts, or proof of contract for cart retrieval services with a retrieval business. If contracted with a retrieval business, please include primary contract information.

7. Annual Evaluation

The owner shall report each July 1 on the effectiveness of the Abandoned Cart Prevention Plan that was approved in the prior year. 

8. Plan Contact

Please provide the contact information for the individual who can be contacted if there are questions about your site’s Abandoned Cart Prevention Plan.

Email address of Plan Contact